HP Reverb VR headset gives better clarity than competition

Credit: HP

HP announced today a game-changing virtual reality headset that takes it to the top of the VR world. The HP Reverb is one that delivers an unbelievable resolution of 2160×2160 pixels per eye with a 114-degree field of view. This new headset from HP gives VR users better clarity than the HTC Vive Pro and Samsung HMD Odyssey.

The Reverb is ultra light, weighing just 1.1 pounds and comes with redesigned optics that HP says will increase the visual “sweet spot.” The headset will also feature integrated headphones that are built with spatial audio and smart assistant compatible dual microphones. This will give users a greater immersive experience in multi-user VR environments.

HP wanted to make the Reverb easy and simple to use. Integrated Bluetooth with pre-paired motion controllers makes the headset ready to use right out of the box. It will have support for Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR. Use of Windows Mixed Reality’s inside-out tracking has also been made to be easier for users. Setup will consist of simply plugging in the VR headset and start the experience. For multi-user scenarios, the Reverb will feature removable and cleanable facemask cushions.

When HP approached the creation of the Reverb, they wanted to work closely with consumers across product design, architecture, engineering, location-based entertainment, and other industries to gain a better understanding of their distinct insights. This allowed HP to design the Reverb headset that will tackle the most common problems that occur in most VR headsets, which are visual quality – from high resolution to the reduction of repeated focus adjustments, better fit and comfort, and simple, worry-free deployment.

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow, Microsoft, said:

“With more than 2,500 VR experiences available and counting, Windows Mixed Reality continues to serve as the home for cutting-edge innovations that are fundamentally changing the way we work and play. The HP Reverb headset is an amazing example of the type of innovation we are seeing take place as we push forward and bring the next era of computing – the era of mixed reality – to the masses.”

The HP Reverb will come in two models, a professional edition and consumer version. Both editions will ship with two motion controllers, with the professional edition including a washable fabric face cushion and .6m headset capable. The professional edition will be priced at $649 while the consumer will be $599. Both are scheduled to be available starting in late April.

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