Triglavian Collective makes contact in EVE Online’s New Eden

It’s time for another update in the world of EVE Online, the spaceship MMORPG, and this time it’s thanks to the Triglavian Collective. The world of New Eden is seeing a cryptic message in holo-billboards across the galaxy from an entity known as Zorya Triglav. This marks the first contact made from the Collective, which is based in Abyssal Deadspace.

What does the Triglavian Collective want? Check out the video message below from The Scope.

It’s a trippy message, and it can be hard to follow, but thanks to the full analysis from The Discourse’s broadcast, it’s safe to say that the Collective is seeking war against humanity, the Drifters and Sansha’s Nation.

EVE Online is still going on strong since it launched in 2003. The world is played on one big server as compared to other MMO games that have many different servers. This allows for big battles that can last for a long time, and traveling can take a long time from one point to another. And since the world of EVE Online allows for a lot of freedom, you can steal from and kill other players in the online world.

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