Adidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost shoes coming in time for final season

Game of Thrones adidas ultraboosts lannister targaryen

Adidas has been collaborating with different popular TV shows including the Beavis and Butt-Head and Dragon Ball Z. The shoe company is at it again with another TV pop culture team up, and this time it’s headed to Westeros. Sneakerheads will get to represent their favorite house or group from HBO’s Game of Thrones including the Night’s Watch, Targaryen, White Walker, Lannister and/or Stark.

Adidas’ Ultraboost running shoes are reimagined with the Game of Thrones designs, just in time for the final season premiere next month. There will be six different limited-edition pairs, which you can check out below.

adidas running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Night’s Watch

The Night’s Watch is an ancient order protecting the Wall from the White Walkers, and the pair captures the organization’s dark uniform with the white outsole reminiscent of the Wall.

adidas running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Targaryen F

Daenerys Targaryen stands out with her long, white hair, and that is displayed here with the Targaryen Female Ultraboost.

adidas running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Targaryen M

Daenerys Targaryen is immune to fire and the family has a long history with dragons, so what better way to represent that than these shoes inspired by flames.

adidas running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost White Walker

The White Walkers reside north of the Wall, and these cool colors emulate their icy world.

adidas running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Lannister

A Lannister always pays his or her debts, and these shoes definitely embolden their gold and red colors.

adidas running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Stark

Last but not least are the adidas Stark shoes. Since the family is from the snowy North, white is the main color of choice.

The designs capture the personalities and colors for the different families and orders, and each shoe comes with a motto for the rear tab and faction’s sigil on the tongue.

“Collaborations with franchises like Game of Thrones are part of our DNA,” said Alberto Uncini Manganelli, General Manager adidas Running. “When brands and television series alike are able to move beyond their primary platform and spill into popular culture, we see inspiration. The project is yet another example of our open source strategy by which we treat our most iconic silhouettes as a canvas upon which we can tell a story.”

“The Ultraboost x Game of Thrones collection represents the fusion of two powerhouse brands in a form that is sure to be highly sought after by athletes, sneakerheads, fashionistas and Game of Thrones fans alike,” said Jeff Peters, Vice President of Licensing and Retail at HBO. “Over the lifespan of the series, Game of Thrones fans have shown their love of innovative and quality licensed products that create new opportunities to interact with their favorite show. We are very excited to release our adidas Ultraboost collection to celebrate the upcoming final season with them!”

The limited edition adidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost will only be available at, via the adidas app and at select retailers from March 22nd, 2019 for $180.

Synopsis: The story takes place in a fantasy world, primarily upon a continent called Westeros, with one storyline occurring on another continent to the east known as Essos. … Meanwhile, in Essos, the exiled Viserys Targaryen, son of the former king, believes he still has the rightful claim to the throne.

Game of Thrones eighth and final season premieres April 14 on HBO.

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