Save yourself a few seconds a day with Tapplock One+ smart lock

Here at Nerd Reactor, it’s all about the high tech life and if you are locking your valuables using a dumb combination lock, then it’s time to re-evaluate the ways to make your life a bit smarter. The Tapplock One+ is a much-needed update to the original, successful Indiegogo campaign. Unlocking your valuables only requires a fingerprint and 0.8 seconds of your time. While your gym buddies are fussing with their combination locks, you are already on your way to the shower.

It ain’t smart unless you have a smart app

It all starts with downloading the app to your phone. From here you register with your email address and program the lock via Bluetooth. Programming was simple and intuitive. You have the ability to register each of your 10 fingerprints to your Tapplock One+. You can see a list of all the Tapplocks you own in one page as well as the battery life. It is also here that you can add additional users to your lock. Each additional user is able to program each of their 10 fingerprints as well. For my purposes, I just programmed each of my index fingers which was more than sufficient. I had a small gripe during programming where the lock disconnected often even if connected to the app via Bluetooth. This may be understandable to preserve battery life, which is approximately 1 year. Simply pushing the power button twice on the lock will reconnect the device to your phone.

How fast again?

There are 3 ways to unlock the Tapplock One+. The basic method is via fingerprint. It’s fast as advertised, 0.8 seconds fast to be exact. First you tap the power button once to wake up the fingerprint sensor. The status light will glow white. A successful fingerprint detection will make an audible click as well as turn the status light solid green. You do not need to worry to align your fingerprint exactly because the sensor works even upside down. The status light will remain green as long as it remains unlocked, which is a good visual for the forgetful. If you unlock the Tapplock One+ via fingerprint and do not pull down the shackle, it will relock itself after a few seconds. The green light will turn off and you’ll have to unlock it again. This is a good safety feature because everyone can be forgetful.

Slower but still cool

Another method to unlock your Tapplock One+ is via Bluetooth in the app. The lock must be connected to your phone which is easily done with a double tap of the lock’s power button. It will take a bit longer via this method, but it’s nice to know that there are still ways to unlock your stuff even after your fingerprints are (forcefully?) shaved off. The app must be active for the Bluetooth to connect. There is also a method to unlock your Tapplock with neither your fingerprints or phone. Morse code mode can be activated by tapping the lock’s power button 3 times. A solid purple-ish light (manual says green, but I can argue otherwise) will indicate that the lock is ready to accept a morse code. Works as intended and I’m a little Morse code smarter. I’m not getting locked out of my lock today.


It’s sturdy, weatherproof and waterproof. There is not much more you can ask of a lock. The Tapplock One+ was a lot heavier than I expected, but that just attests to the solid build quality. The shackle barely has any leeway, unlike a standard combination lock. It’s a single-lock shackle which is what most locks are, but since there is barely any leeway on the shackle, shimming it open would take a considerable effort if even possible with the tight tolerances. Previous security concerns with earlier products can be thrown out the window because Tapplock revamped their QA process to address these previous vulnerabilities. To date, there have been no new reports for the Tapplock One+. This is a completely new product.

My new Tapplock One+ is the meanest-looking lock at my gym. No other lock comes close to offering the high tech secure feeling that this lock does with the convenience of a 0.8 second unlock. If you are looking for a way to up your tech cred, check one out directly from the Tapplock website or your closest Best Buy.

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