Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series may follow the rise and fall of Númenor

The Lord of the Rings Elendil

Amazon Prime has been teasing a map of Middle-earth for its upcoming The Lord of the Rings series. Slowly it has been posting new maps, each giving hints on the setting of the live-action series based on J.R.R. Tolkiens’ The Lord of the Rings books. The official Twitter account has announced that the series will be set in The Second Age. The books and Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films were set in the Third Age. With the reveal of Númenor island and the Second Age confirmation, we could definitely see the adventures of Elros, the first king of Númenor and Elrond’s twin brother.

The latest map reveals an island off the southwest corner called Númenor, which is shaped like a star. Aragorn’s lineage goes back to Elendil, father of Isildur and survivor of the fall of Númenor. This also makes Aragorn a descendant of Elros.

Details are still vague, but the Second Age does include the rise and fall of Númenor. We could still see other stories during the Second Age including The War of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, which was featured in the prologue of The Lord of the Rings where Isildur defeats Sauron. If these stories are told, fans will hopefully get to see Sauron in the flesh, as compared to an eyeball stuck to a tower in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies.

With the Twitter account posting quotes about the legend of the One Ring, it’s definitely exciting fans at the possibility of seeing the rise of Sauron as he tries to dominate Middle-earth.

The different maps revealed have hinted at different timelines, and Amazon could possibly cover different timelines for different seasons. The first season could follow Elros and his discovery of Númenor, with later seasons following Elendil and his discovery of Gondor. It’s also reported that the show will have a budget of $500 million, which will make it one of the most expensive TV shows ever.

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