The internet makes fun of Sonic the Hedgehog leaked movie design

Sonic the Hedgehog

Okay, this is definitely not the hedgehog that fans have grown to love from the franchise. A leaked image of Sonic the Hedgehog for his upcoming live-action film has supposedly surfaced, and it shows off a very different take on the speedster. The movie has been getting a lot of negative publicity ever since it released the silhouette of Sonic with muscular legs.

With the image out, fans have shown their outrage on social media, complaining about the designs for his wider eyes and long torso and legs.

One person shared the images of Sonic and tweeted:  They made Sonic the Hedgehog look like the mascot for a disease in a pharmaceutical ad.

Another user mentioned that his supporting cast like Tails and Knuckles can only get worse and shared photos of weird creatures.

One user jokes that it couldn’t possibly get any worse by sharing something even more horrific. We’re pretty sure there are a few who would prefer this one than the movie one.

One user talks about how the silhouette of an iconic character is important and compared movie Sonic with movie Pikachu. They wrote, “Problem with Sonic movie design is, it does follow the silhouette rule but the main features being so stretched that it makes Sonic only barely recognizable.”

This user compares the pain of seeing the Sonic design to a guy painted like Sonic running on the beach with his speedo.

If you thought Will Smith as Genie was bad, take a gander at Will Smith as Sonic the Genie.

Of course, this Twitter user thinks there’s potential 😉

Sonic will be voiced by Ben Schartz (Parks & Recreation) with James Marsden as officer Tom Wachowski, and Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman. The film is produced by Paramount Pictures, Original Film, Sega, Paramount Animation, Marza Animation Planet, and Blur Studio.

Sonic the Hedgehog is based on the popular video game franchise from Sega. The character has made appearances in movies like Wreck-It Ralph and Ready Player One.

Sonic the Hedgehog will hit theaters on November 8, 2019.

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