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As we reach an era of where the Hollywood is embracing more inclusiveness, Marvel and DC have led the way in showing Hollywood that you don’t have to follow the norms in order to create a successful superhero film. First of all, DC gave us Wonder Woman, the first female-led superhero film. Next, Marvel gave us Black Panther, the first superhero film with a mostly black cast. Now, it’s Marvel’s turn to release a female-led superhero film with their next film, Captain Marvel. But is Captain Marvel a step forward or is it a step back for the genre?

Fortunately, Captain Marvel delivers on the goods through a fun and entertaining space adventure. Sure, there are several issues with the film, but the pros far outweigh the cons here.

Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers, a Kree warrior with mysterious ties to Earth. When an intergalactic war reaches Earth, Danvers and her small team of heroes are put right into the middle of it all.

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson

When Captain Marvel‘s trailers first came out, many fans were wondering how Carol Danvers’ origin story would play out on screen. After all, her origin story does share a lot of similarities to Green Lantern’s. However, fans will enjoy the fact that her core origin story is still relatively the same as it is in the comics. At the same time, the mysteries of her past keep die-hard fans guessing throughout the majority of the film. These changes will surprise and entertain you as each reveal comes along. Trust me when I say that there are a lot of fun surprises in store for you.

Unfortunately, the character development is lacking for most of the characters. In fact, a majority of the main characters in the film don’t have any character growth at all. If you really think about it, it’s not that surprising. There’s a lot of characters in Captain Marvel. That means that certain characters are barely in the film too. In other words, some of them are utterly useless and there are some that are being set up for potential sequels.

Regardless, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck absolutely nail the tone and feel of the 90s. Their musical choices along with all of the 90s references simply take you on a nostalgia trip. Not to mention, they capture the fun of a space adventure too. It’s a nice addition to the Avengers universe.

Captain Marvel - Ben Mendelsohn

It’s just unfortunate that star Brie Larson struggles a bit here. She’s typically a great actor (see: Room and Free Fire), but she tends to struggle when it comes to films that require a lot of special effects (see: Kong: Skull Island). It’s ultimately an inconsistent effort. She’s able to make us laugh and cheer at times, but other times she’s as stiff as a board. But with more time in front of a green screen, I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.

After so many years of seeing Nick Fury on screen, it’s refreshing to see Fury in such a lighter tone. Samuel L. Jackson is basically playing himself this time around. Also, the friendship he shares with Brie Larson off-screen is something you can see on-screen as well. Their chemistry together is palpable, and their on-screen fun adds to our off-screen fun.

Though two actors completely steal the show away from Larson and Jackson. They are Ben Mendelsohn and Goose the Cat. Ben Mendelsohn uses his comedic timing and wisecrack delivery to bring so much entertainment to this film. He also gives so much heart to the film with his storyline. With Goose the Cat, well, let’s just say that a cute animal will always steal the show. Just ask Nick Fury.

Jude Law, on the other hand, is sadly miscast as Yon-Rogg. He may be naturally charming and debonnaire, but he lacks the gravitas to play this particular role.

Overall, Captain Marvel is an enjoyable and action-packed ride through the 90s. There are some issues with the film that could’ve easily derailed the film. Regardless, the pros do far outweigh the film’s cons. Captain Marvel a good addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rating: 3.5/5 atoms

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