JLab’s JBuds Air true wireless earbuds are easy on your wallet (review)

Since its inception in 2005, JLab Audio has been producing personal audio products with the mantra that everyone is always on the GO. They strive to make their products with a high standard of quality all while being affordable for everyone. Recently, I’ve been using their JBuds Air, a pair of true wireless earbuds that cost less than $100.

Design wise, you won’t find anything outlandish or overly creative. Instead, what you get is a pair of earbuds that will have your typical circular design, but is lightweight and small, with the size of each earbud being similar to the size of a dime. Inside my ear, the earbuds are fairly comfortable, which allowed me to wear them for longer periods of time without any real discomfort. And with the included “Cush Fins”, you can add another layer of comfortability.

When it comes to the thickness of the Jbud air, they are thicker than most of the true wireless earbuds that I already own, which does add a bit of irony to the “air” in its namesake. Nonetheless, the thickness does allow for the Jbud airs to have some pretty nice specs packed inside it. On each earbud, you’ll find a tactile button that blends nicely with the earbud and has a very responsive feel. Located on the edge of each earbud, you’ll, of course, get your LED indicator that tells you if the Jbuds are on/off and connected.

Where I think the Jbuds really gets its appeal is in the carrying and charging case. The case is small and pill-shaped that fits comfortably in the palm of your hands or in your pockets. The lid adds a nice magnetic snap that keeps the earbuds safe, while the magnets inside make sure the Jbuds are secure and keeps a constant connection for proper charging. On the outside, you’ll get three LED lights that keep you informed on the amount of battery left on the case, and the attached USB cable makes charging simple, convenient and eliminates the need to look for a charging cable.

Inside each earbud, you’ll get an 8mm dynamic neodymium driver that produces some phenomenal audio quality. These earbuds get exceptionally loud and have a nice balance between the highs, mids, and lows. JLab has incorporated built-in audio profiles inside the earbuds, something that I wasn’t expecting in such an affordable pair. At any time you can switch between balanced, bass boost, and JLab’s signature sound. The signature sound will enhance the vocals in your music by enhancing their loudness and giving them crystal clear quality, while the bass boost, which was my preferred option, will of course bring up your lows to give you a punchy sound.

The buttons on the earbuds have a multitude of uses to control your phone or music. A single press on either the left or right channel will adjust the volume up or down. Pressing and holding the button for one-second will skip music tracks forward or backward. Two-presses on the left channel with play or pause music, while two-presses on the right will activate Google assistant or Siri. Three-presses on either channel will switch between the built-in audio profiles.

The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 which will give you a range of around 30 feet, and there is no support for AAC or Aptx for high-fidelity music. A majority of the time the connection with my phone was pretty stable when it was in the range of the earbuds, but there were a few times where I would suddenly get a quick disconnect, then reconnect. To make things even easier on you, the earbuds will automatically connect to your phone once you take them out of the charging case. That is of course, if you leave your Bluetooth on, as I do. Battery life is pretty much standard. The earbuds themselves will have about three to four hours of playback time, while the charging case will give you another ten hours, bringing you a total usage time of about 14-hours. The case does support a rapid charge, so a 15-min charge will give you around an hour of playback time. When I did fully charge up the case, it would take me just a little bit over two hours to get a full charge, which would last me about a few days, with light to moderate use, before I had to give it another go.


When we talk about getting a good value for our buck, the Jbud Air should be included in that conversation. For a mere $49, these pair of true wireless earbuds are rich in features that will please any music listener on the go. With its built-in audio profiles to add a bit of robustness to your music to the built-in charging cable for quick convenience, the Jbud Air has qualities that are not found in more expensive pairs. The earbuds are lightweight, comfortable, and come with an IP55 rating for sweat resistance, making them a perfect pair for the gym. Audio quality is great and balanced, while the buttons make controlling your music easy and seamless. Now the earbuds are a little bit thick to my liking, and I did experience some connection drop-offs once in a while, but for $49, these are a few instances that can be easily overlooked.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

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