Xcentz 5-Port Wall Charger & xWingman portable charger (review)

I own a lot of personal electronics, from smartphones to tablets, all the way to wireless headphones. These electronics consume a lot of battery power, and when it comes to charging them up, it can be a daunting task to charge them. Recently I’ve been using several power products from Xcentz to see how they can handle my daily need to charge up my electronics.

For home use is the Xcentz 48W 5-Port USB wall charger. This small cube measures around 2.5-inches on all sides and 2.2-inches in height. It’s small enough to be tucked away underneath a table or nightstand, but it can also be placed right on top of your workspace without taking up too much room. It comes with a 4ft power cable that will make it easy to reach almost any wall socket. The 5-port charger has some good weight to it, weighing in at just under 8 ounces. The weight helps keep the charger grounded to the surface, and with the help of the rubber grip on the bottom, this charger won’t be sliding all over the place.

There are 5-USB ports that make it convenient to charge multiple devices at the same time. There are three USB-A ports each with a max output of 2.4amps. One USB-A port with a max output of 3.0amps for quick charging, and one USB-C port with a max output of 3.0amps as well. Green LED lights located next to the ports will help you to indicate that the ports are outputting power to your devices.

The 48W 5-Port USB charger made it extremely easy for me to plug multiple devices at night and charge them. I was able to charge my smartphone, a tablet, and a few of my wireless earbuds without having to rotate them on a typical USB-wall charger. The quick charge port was able to fully charge my OnePlus 6T in about an hour, and with Xcentz Advanced Smart xPower, the wall charger made sure not to overload my devices.

For those times I was on the go and needed power, I used the Xcentz xWingman dual 10000mAH portable charger. The xWingman is one of the smallest 10000mAH chargers that I have ever used. The size is comparable to that of a credit card, with a thickness that makes it comfortable enough to hold in your hand. The charger is lightweight, only weighing around 6-ounces. So it’s light enough to throw into your backpack or purse without having to worry about the feeling of something weighing you down.

On one side of the charger, there are four LED lights that will tell you how much power the portable battery has left. Next to those lights will be one button that you can press at any given time to see how many of those lights turn on. The charger has two ports, one USB-A, and one USB-C port, with each port being located on one side of the portable charger. Normally, I would like to have seen multiple USB-A ports so I can charge multiple devices at once, but when I’m on the go, there’s a good chance the only device I’ll be charging up, is my own.

Both ports do support quick charge 3.0, which is great when charging up my device, as well as when the portable charger needs to be recharged. When I needed to charge up my smartphone, I was able to get a full charge in just a little over an hour. And with the 10000mAH size, I was able to charge up my phone three times before I had to give the portable battery a recharge. The quick charge also helps out by giving the portable charger a full charge in about 2.5-hours. I have an Anker 10000mAH battery that would typically take me half a day to fully charge, so the xWingman is great for those unexpected and unplanned times I’d need to be on the go.


With Smartphones these days being the center of our entertainment and public connection, we want to make sure that our devices never run out of power. Whether we’re at home, work, or on the move, having the ability to plug in your phone to charge up, without having to search for a power source can make our lives that much easier, at least for me it does. The 5-port USB charger was perfect for me to make sure that all my devices stay charged at the end of the night, and its small size made it ideal to sit right on my bedside table without taking up any space. Aside from charging up my phone when I was out of the house, I also found a good and suitable use for the xWingman to charge up my Playstation 4 remote. Keeping my PS4 remote charging on the portable battery made it easy for me to continue playing my video games without having to be tethered to my PlayStation. The 5-port charger and xWingman both retail for around $27.99, and can both be purchased here and here.


xWingman: 4/5 Atoms




5-Port Wall Charger: 5/5 Atoms

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