Pokemon Sword and Shield announced

The next generation of Pokemon has been announced during the Pokemon Direct, and it will be called Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game will be available for the Nintendo Switch, and The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are taking fans to the Galar region to discover a whole new breed of Pokemon. Much like previous Pokemon games, this one will also have previous Pokemon critters from the past games.

From the look of the map, it seems to be set in a UK/EU setting. Along with a new setting and game, there has to be a new starter Pokemon. And like previous games, we will get a grass-type, fire-type, and water-type.

Grokey is a grass-type Chimp Pokemon, Scorbunny is a fire-type Rabbit, and Sobble is a water-type Lizard Pokemon. I usually start with a fire-type Pokemon but since my spirit animal is a monkey, I’ll make an exception this round and start a grass-type Pokemon.

The fighting aspect of catching a wild Pokemon has returned. But other than knowing the title, the starters and the map, no other piece of info has been released. There is no word yet on which Legendary Pokemon¬†will appear for which version. There’s also no word yet on which Pokemon will be exclusive to Shield and to Sword. We definitely recommend not choosing a version until you know which Legendary Pokemon will be available for which versions.

Pokemon will be released later this year, most likely closer to the Christmas shopping season, but Nintendo should be releasing more information as the year goes on. For now, take a look at the trailer below and get acquainted with the Galar region.

Are you excited for the new game, Pokemon Sword and Shield? Do you already know which starter you will choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

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