Rotten Tomatoes removes early audience reviews after Captain Marvel and Star Wars review bombing

Star Wars Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes

It’s been a crazy time for Disney, especially with its upcoming Captain Marvel and Star Wars: Episode IX films. Captain Marvel presales are doing better than Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but it has rubbed a lot of fans out there the wrong way with Brie Larson commenting about how there were too many white men at the press events. And then there’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which received mixed reactions from audiences. This has resulted in Captain Marvel and Star Wars: Episode IX getting fake negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. However, that all changes since the review aggregation site has made changes including the removal of the percentage for “Want to See” and removal of reviewing and commenting for films that haven’t yet been released.

“As of February 25, we will no longer show the ‘Want to See’ percentage score for a movie during its pre-release period,” Rotten Tomatoes said in its blog. “Why you might ask? We’ve found that the ‘Want to See’ percentage score is often times confused with the ‘Audience Score’ percentage number. (The ‘Audience Score’ percentage, for those who haven’t been following, is the percentage of all users who have rated the movie or TV show positively – that is, given it a star rating of 3.5 or higher – and is only shown once the movie or TV show is released.)”

What’s interesting to note is that the site mentions it’ll only show a percentage for the Audience Score if it receives a star rating of 3.5 or higher. We’ll have to see how that comes into play for movies like Captain Marvel. Movies that are already out with bad audience scores are still showing, like What Men Want and its audience score of 37%.

The new changes were made today with new functionality for pre-released movies. Previously, users could go to a movie’s page and comment about the film even though the movie hasn’t been released yet. Now, users won’t be able to access that portion until the movie comes out. There will be more updates made throughout the months including new audience score iconography, personalization and community features. And to make sure an audience member has seen the movie, there will be verified reviews from ticket purchasers and enhanced security.

Here’s an example of the new look for a movie once it has been released.

Here’s the list of new features available today:

  • Streamlined user interface that positions the Audience Score adjacent to the Tomatometer Score, which represents the collective opinions of thousands of professional critics, giving fans easy access to compare and contrast critic’s and fan’s view of movies and TV shows.
  • Prior to a movie’s release, fans will no longer be able to leave written comments or reviews. That functionality will be available once the movie releases into theaters.
  • The fan “want to see” score, which was previously represented as a percentage, will now be presented as a raw number that will be tallied in real time. This change seeks to eliminate the confusion that sometimes occurred between the “want to see” score and the “audience score” which is also represented as a percentage.
  • Throughout the roll out of new audience rating features, Rotten Tomatoes will call out enhancements on the site and link to a product update blog, where users can find explanations.

What do you think of the new changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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