Pokemon Direct could be teasing new Pokemon game


Pokemon Red and Green were released in Japan for the Nintendo Gameboy on February 27, 1996, making tomorrow the anniversary date. And the day before the anniversary, the Pokemon Facebook page has teased some news about tomorrow. It posted a banner about the Pokemon Direct with tomorrow’s date and the time of 6 A.M. PST. Along with the date are 3 Pokeballs.

There are many, including yours truly, who think the three Pokeballs are a dead giveaway that the next generation of Pokemon will be announced. Of course that is just wishful thinking on my part and the scores of other people.

Pokemon made its debut here in America on April 1, 1997, as a TV show and the Pokemon Red game was released on September 28, 1998. The TV show still continues and has reached over 1,000 episodes to this date. The franchise has 21 animated movies with a 22nd coming soon, one live-action movie (Pokemon Detective Pikachu) about to be released, two TV specials and many animated shorts.

Of course, the games continue to be released, and the new game is currently on its 7th Generation. If tomorrow’s news is about a new game, then the eighth generation will be announced. Of course, we could be totally wrong, and it could be about something else relating to the franchise that has nothing to do about the games or the show.

I was one of many people who bought the Let’s Go Switch bundle, and although I am having fun, I miss the battle aspect when going against wild Pokemon. I was on and off on Pokemon Go after the initial release but have since gotten back into it. I do play the regular games and buy the new generations as they come out. So if it truly is the next generation, I am really excited about this news.

Are you excited for the news tomorrow? What do you think the new will be about? Let us know.

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