Crunchyroll launches docu-series ‘Fan Chronicles’

Anime is a globally recognized genre that has sparked millions of fans, but yet for the people outside looking in, it’s a genre that most might not understand. Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime brand, will be debuting an original documentary this month called “Fan Chronicles.”

Fan Chronicles will tell the stories of how anime has empowered and shaped the lives of its extraordinary fans. The documentary series will follow the individuals whose love for anime has given them inspiration. These include a young woman in Cape Cod that is coping with a rare disease, an Atlanta-based music producer who finds his audience with anime-inspired music tracks, and a photographer in California who finds a message of female empowerment through the art form.

“There are still so many misconceptions around anime, both as an industry and as a fandom. With ‘Fan Chronicles,’ we are shining a light on what makes the anime community beautifully diverse. We’re glad to be working with Portal A to bring the stories we hear every day to live through this docu-series,” said Jennifer Corbett, head of audience development at Crunchyroll.

The casting for Fan Chronicles was done entirely within the Crunchyroll community. Hundreds of fans submitted their own personal stories through the Crunchyroll website and social media accounts. The film crew traveled across the country to meet with each individual in their own hometown to capture their everyday experiences. In a recent survey, Crunchyroll found that 90% of domestic U.S. fans have considered themselves to be welcoming to new anime fans. They love to connect with each other, with 65% stating that they have made friends through anime.

Crunchyroll partnered with award-winning digital content studio Portal A to produce the docu-series. This series is a part of Crunchyroll’s ongoing mission to create original documentaries and live action content, which includes Crunchyroll’s original documentary “He Was Anime,” which is about Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels, and Crunchyroll’s “Anime Crimes Division,” which is a co-production with RocketJump.

Nate Houghteling, Executive Producer at Portal A, said:

“It’s been a privilege to work with the Crunchyroll team and tell real, human stories from inside their amazing community. As a team of anime fans ourselves, this one came from a place of passion and we hope that comes across in the series.”

Fan Chronicles was released today with three episodes available to stream on

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