Nokia 9 PureView, a smartphone with 5 cameras

Over the last few years, we’ve seen smartphones begin to include multiple cameras on their flagship phones. Each camera would be responsible for capturing an image in a certain way, whether that be in wide, ultra-wide, or even in black & white. Over the weekend during MWC, Nokia announced the new Nokia 9 PureView, their new smartphone with five cameras.

With five cameras, the Nokia 9 will do things a bit differently from other mobile phones with multiple cameras. Instead of five cameras with different focal lengths, each camera on the Nokia 9 will work in tandem to create a single image with massive amounts of data. Each camera will be Zeiss optics with two cameras being RGB and the other three being monochrome cameras. All five will be 12-megapixels with an aperture of f/1.8. Along with the cameras, there will be a flash and a time-of-flight sensor that will be used to map the depth. You’ll be able to take RAW DNG files with the Nokia 9, which will allow you to edit your photos with photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom.

The Nokia 9’s cameras are built in partnership with Light, the company who released the L16 camera a couple of years ago. The Light L16 was a camera that had 16 dedicated cameras with focal lengths ranging between 28mm and 150mm, and with the press of the shutter button, the cameras would take a single 52-megapixel image. Light took that same technology and brought it into the Nokia 9, where the 5 cameras would take an image with more layers of depth, and more stops of dynamic range.

Spec wise, the Nokia 9 is something that you won’t be surprised with. In fact, most of the specs you’ll see powering up the Nokia will be the specs that you can find in most flagship phones that were released in 2018. The Nokia 9 will be using the Snapdragon 845 processor, Adreno 630 for the GPU, and will have 128gb of storage with 6gb of RAM. Screen size will be 5.99 inches with an 18:9(1440 x 2880) resolution, which will all be powered up by a 3320 mAh battery. The Nokia 9 will be using Android 9 Pie and will have an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Mobile phone photography has come a long way in these last few years, and with the announcement of the new Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia has shown that there’s still room to grow in capturing stunning photos with just your smartphone. Though the Nokia 9 doesn’t use the newer processors such as the Snapdragon 855, Nokia still promises that its latest phone is optimized to fully take advantage of everything the 845 processor can offer. The Nokia 9 PureView will be available for purchase soon, with an unlocked version priced at $700 USD.

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