Joey Lawrence wants to play Batman, fans have created petition

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Ben Affleck is out as Batman, and rumors have been surfacing on who is a potential Caped Crusader in the upcoming standalone Batman film from director Matt Reeves. One such rumor has Armie Hammer being considered, but the actor said that he was never in contact with the film’s team. There was also Scott Adkins, an actor and martial artist whose audition video was leaked online. Now we have Joey Lawrence, the teenage heartthrob from ’90s Blossom, wanting to don the cape. His fans have even set up a petition.

Lawrence expressed interest when it was revealed that Affleck was quitting Batman, and he has been sharing his desire via his Instagram.

“Angels!! I want this part,” Lawrence said. “Let’s do this!! Been dreaming of saving #Gotham far back as my memory goes! Let @dccomics and @wbpictures know!!!!”

A Joey Lawrence as Batman petition was created to help put him in consideration for DC Comics and Warner Bros. So far the petition’s goal is 1,000, and at this rate, it looks like it’ll reach that goal in no time.

The petition also gives reasons as to why Lawrence would be a good fit to play The Dark Knight. Check out its description below:

“Joey Lawrence is not only an extremely talented actor and has a wider acting range than most people are aware of, but the guy is a beast. He is laser focused and super committed. If he gets this part I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The other great thing about Joey Lawrence that people may not realize is that he is in better physical shape (and more agile) than guys 15 years younger than him. So their excuse of wanting to go with a younger actor is stupid. Joey is more than capable. He could crush the competition. Joey Lawrence will make an amazing Batman!!”

This isn’t the first time fans of an actor have come together in support. Robert Pattinson, known for his role as a vampire in the Twilight films, has also been rumored to be a contender. His fans have been giving him praises while mentioning that non-believers should watch his performance in Good Time. In that film, he plays a wanted bank robber who is on the run.

There are also reports saying that Matt Reeves is looking for an actor in his late twenties, who’s not a rookie or expert but somewhere in between.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

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