Myth 18L by STM Goods: Your new everyday backpack

I’ve always been on the search for the perfect backpack, that one backpack that can carry everything that I need with comfort and ease. I’ve used different brands in my quest to find the right one, from Case Logic to Targus bags, but those bags have always been one thing or another. Either they were able to carry plenty of things but looked too big and bulky, or they looked attractive and pleasing but were only able to carry a few things.

I’ve been using the STM Goods 18L Myth bag for a few weeks now, a bag that I came across during CES 2019, and by the looks of it, my quest to find the perfect backpack might have just come to an end.

The backpack has a fashion-forward designer look that keeps it minimal and elegant. There are three pockets to the bag which are all blended in seamlessly with its design to eliminate any unwanted bulk. A majority of the bag is made from polyester, with the sides of the bag utilizing a canvas like material for added strength and protection. The top handle is made from TPU material, which is attached to the body of the bag with rivets. That is great because if your bag gets too heavy, you won’t have to worry about the handle ripping off. The zippers also use the same TPU material to make it easier to open the pockets.

The main pocket of the backpack opens up like a clamshell. It’s very wide and made it easy for me to put in and take out items. The pockets inside are made from nylon, with the laptop pouch being made from fleece. The pocket in the front is also made from nylon, while the smallest pocket is made from fleece, which you can use to carry more valuable items such as a smartphone.

When it comes to the storage pockets, this bag has plenty of it. They’re all different sizes, so it helps keep things organized. The laptop compartment on the 18L can fit a laptop up to 15-inches. It has a very tight fit to it which keeps your laptop suspended in place, so if I were to drop the bag on either of its sides, my laptop wouldn’t make contact with the surface. And with that compartment being lined in fleece, you won’t have to worry about any scratches. This bag had so many pockets that I was having difficulty filling up all of them. I did appreciate the fact that  STM added pockets that were meant for portable battery packs, for small or large sizes. They even included cable pass-throughs, so If you placed your mobile phone in the front pocket, you can still charge it with your battery pack. There are also a few small details that might be overlooked but do take the backpack to the next level of use, such as the cable clamps and the smallholder for a pair of earbud headphones.

The backpack itself is very comfortable to wear. The padding on the backpack lets it sit nicely against my back but also allows for airflow to keep me nice and cool. The straps did a good job of dispersing the weight across my shoulders. Even when the backpack was fully loaded, I still felt the weight, but I didn’t feel any uncomfortable strain on my shoulders. The bag is designed to be opened up all the way, so if I were to open the backpack just halfway, I wouldn’t be able to really take out any items except for just my laptop. I can see this being a concern for some people, who need to take out items in a rush. For constant travelers, the backpack also includes a luggage passthrough, which makes it easy to attach to your luggage. That way you won’t have to worry about carrying the bag on your back while you’re making your way through the airport.


Buying a backpack might be a trivial thing that most people might not put a second thought into. But for those who are serious about their personal belongings, they want a backpack that can provide them with everything they need. The Myth 18L by STM Goods is that one backpack that hits all the boxes. It’s attractive, comfortable, and it can carry just about everything you’ll need for either work or school. This is one of those backpacks that was designed with everything in mind like its reverse coil zippers to protect the teeth, the fleeced lined pockets to protect your most important items, and the water repellent coating applied to the fabric. Priced at $119.95 (STM Goods also has a 28L size for $139.95), the Myth 18L is a backpack that is sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go.

SCORE 5/5 Atoms

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