Dirac Research introduces three new products at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress starts next week, and for those that are unfamiliar with what it is, MWC is essentially the most important trade show for mobile technology, i.e. mobile phones. During the week in Barcelona, the biggest and smallest names in mobile technology will be debuting their latest innovations that will take smartphones well into the future.

Dirac Research, the Swedish pioneer of optimized sound, will be debuting a few of their latest technologies when for mobile audio. The last time we met with Dirac Research was during this year’s CES in Las Vegas, but at that time they were showcasing their sound solutions for portable speakers and headphones.

One of the newest technologies Dirac will be showing is their ‘Dirac Distortion Control’, which will enable cleaner audio for mobile devices. Dirac will demo this new technology during MWC, The demo experience which is developed with strategic partner AAC Technologies, a world leader in micro-speaker R&D and manufacturing. The demo will integrate various Dirac mobile audio solutions, such as Dirac Distortion Control, with AAC technologies’ leading micro speakers to demonstrate a new level of mobile audio performance.

Dirac General Manager of Mobile, Erik Rudolphi said this about their latest technology:

When small speakers play at high volume, distortion occurs. The distortion becomes more obvious when playing piano music or vocals, especially those that are bright and higher-pitched.  The tonal harmonies of the piano music stand in stark contrast to the noisy distortion – which has led to the term ‘piano distortion’. However, it’s not actually a specific type of music or sound that causes distortion; it’s caused by the mechanical limitations of small speakers due to their constrained space.

As smartphone companies take their designs to be more bezel-less and include multiple cameras and other features, smartphone speakers begin to suffer from the drastic change in design. This leads to smartphones suffering from producing a lower quality of sound for its users, and since then, there hasn’t been a viable solution to the problem. With Dirac Distortion Control, it is now possible, for the first time ever, to have the ability to produce a cleaner and more satisfying sound without any compromise.

Along with the Dirac Distortion Control, Dirac will also be debuting their latest version of Dirac 3D Audio. At CES we were able to experience Dirac 3D Audio which was built into a gaming headset for PCs. But this technology has now been adopted to mobile devices to give them an unparalleled level of 360-degree audio immersion. By using patent-pending Dynamic HRTF’s(head-related transfer functions), Dirac 3D audio will allow for positional audio reproduction with one-degree resolution in all three dimensions.

With popular games such as Fortnite and PUBG making its way mobile devices, having the ability to listen to the games sound in a 3D way will give gamers an advantage over the opponents they’re playing. And with the upcoming launch of 5G networks, it will allow for an enhanced real-time mobile gaming with multi-channel audio streaming, which will give Dirac 3D Audio the chance to capitalize on the expansion of audio capabilities.

Lastly, Dirac will be demoing their Dirac Bass solution, which lets smartphones, smart speakers, and portable speakers produce deeper sounding bass with higher transparency. There’s a conception that bigger drivers means deeper bass because the drivers allow for more air to move. This then means that smartphones won’t be able to produce deep bass, for the fact that everything inside is tightly packed. Dirac challenges these obstacles by using cutting-edge algorithms which will deliver louder, cleaner bass from the same size speaker.

Dirac Distortion Control, Dirac 3D Audio, and Dirac Bass will be demoed during this year MWC19 in Barcelona, Spain.

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