Emma Thompson quits Skydance Animation’s ‘Luck’ because of John Lasseter

Emma Thompson Saving Mr Banks

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

John Lasseter left Disney after he was accused of misconduct, admitting that he had made some “missteps” during his time there. Rashida Jones (Park and Recreation; I Love You, Man) accused him of making an unwanted advance. Lasseter is back, and earlier this year, he became the head of Skydance Animation. Emma Thompson isn’t too happy about that and decided to leave her project with Skydance Animation because of it. She was attached to voice a character in the upcoming animated film, Luck.

Luck is the story of two organizations at odds, one representing bad luck and the other good luck. The organizations are behind the scenes, affecting our regular daily lives. Thompson was attached as the voice of the leader from the good luck organization. The reason she left was that she was worried about working with Lasseter, according to Deadline.

Holly Edwards, who was Skydance Animation’s Head of Production, was recently promoted to Skydance Animation President. With her new position, she’ll be reporting to Lasseter.

When Lasseter joined Skydance Animation, the studio received a lot of flak for its decision. However, Ellison was adamant about keeping him on board. There was even a town meeting at Skydance Animation’s Mid-City Los Angeles headquarters where Lasseter addressed concerns for one hour and a half. Employees asked questions and the former CCO of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar replied, saying that he has been reformed. Ellison defended his decision during the meeting, saying that his employees should give Lasseter the chance to prove himself that he has changed. And in the event that he acts up or other allegations surface that hasn’t been revealed yet, he will be fired.

Alessandro Carloni, who co-directed Kung Fu Panda 3, is attached as the director of Luck, with Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger writing and producing. The casting for the film is still unknown.

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