The Umbrella Academy’s Robert Sheehan and Ellen Page on sleeping on grave and violin lesson

The Umbrella Academy Robert Sheehan, Ellen Page, Aidan Gallagher

The Umbrella Academy is now available on Netflix, and we had the chance to chat with Ellen Page, Robert Sheelan and Aidan Gallagher. The series follows a dysfunctional family with superpowers, with the three actors portraying foster siblings. Robert Sheehan plays Klaus, who has the ability to talk to the dead. Aidan Gallagher plays Number Five, the boy who can teleport and time travel. Ellen Page plays Vanya, the only member without powers but is very talented with the violin. The trio talks about different experiences relating to their characters including practicing the violin, sleeping on top of a grave, dancing and more.

“I was going around graveyards, looking all skulky and just sort of talking to dead folks and some mourners,” Sheehan joked. “Yeah, no, I didn’t do that. On a complete side note, I did a job last year, and I played this artist who’s best friends with Picasso. He died when he was very young, and I went to visit his grave in Paris. I sat there and read him a few poems because I thought, ‘He’d like a few poems after all these years.’ And then I fell asleep on his grave for like a half hour or something.”

“It’s really weird,” he added. “It’s really strange waking up in a graveyard. So that helped.”

In The Umbrella Academy, we get to see Page play the violin, and she talks about learning the instrument.

“I took lessons,” Page said. “It was incredibly difficult. I tried my best.”

Gallagher’s character, Number Five, can time travel. He prepared by understanding the consequences of altering the timeline.

“There is a bit of time travel in The Umbrella Academy,” Gallagher said. “So for me, Five understands time science very well. I wanted to make sure I was in the mindset of understanding how new timelines may come into effect and how everything is happening and what relationship that has to the apocalypse.”

Music is a big part of the show, especially if you are adapting a comic series by creator Gerard Way, who’s the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. There is a couple of scenes involving the different siblings dancing, and the three reminisce about that time.

“We love that one,” Sheehan said. “We were just talking about that at lunch.”

“We just all sort of danced, right?” Page asked. “Vanya obviously doesn’t move a lot especially at the beginning of the season.”

“You know what I find funny?” Gallagher asked. “David [who plays Diego] closes the door and looks in, and he saw Vanya. That must have been really weird.”

Check out the video interview below.

Synopsis: In 1989, 43 women all over the world gave birth at the same time, with no signs of pregnancy before that moment. Some of the babies survive and billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven to raise them as superheroes in a team called The Umbrella Academy. As the kids grow into adulthood, they part ways, only to return after hearing news of their father’s death. Number Five has seen the future and travels back in time to warn his family of the apocalypse. Together, Klaus, Luther, Diego, Allison, Vanya and Number Five must find a way to work together and prevent world annihilation from happening.

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