Angry fans give Captain Marvel negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

There is a lot of hype surrounding Captain Marvel. The official trailer has over 50 million views since September 18, 2018, and the film has become Fandango’s Top Three MCU First Day Pre-Sellers, only behind Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther. However, Brie Larson, who plays the titular hero, has been getting some heat from fans over her comments about white men. One included how she doesn’t care about a 40-year-old white dude’s opinion on a certain movie, and another was about wanting more women and women of color at the press junkets since she saw too many white men. Well, the angry fans aren’t done yet since they have descended upon Rotten Tomatoes to give it bad reviews.

The social media embargo for Captain Marvel lifts on February 19th, and the review embargo lifts on March 5th. Now we have fans who haven’t seen the film yet give negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes due to Larson’s comments.

One poster said, “Larson has made it clear…men need not attend this movie.”

Another said, “Larson’s sexist and racist attitudes don’t want me to spend money on this anyway, so here you go, Ms. Larson.”

“Looks like their set to ruin a franchise!!,” another said.

Another said that if Robert Downey Jr were to comment about how he doesn’t care about a 40-year-old white woman’s opinion, people would go crazy.

“If Robert Downey Jr. started saying that he didn’t care about the opinions of 40-year-old white chicks and he doesn’t want to be interviewed by a white woman as it’s not inclusive enough, people would lose their minds.”

This particular person actually wants Larson to get hit by a bus:

“You could not pay me to see this SJW laden, white male hating worthless POS movie. I am sick of this identity politics taking over pop culture. Brie Larson could get hit by a bus and I would not shed a tear.”

Although these fans aren’t showing support, things are still looking up for Captain Marvel’s box office performance. For the Fandango’s Top Three MCU First Day Pre-Sellers, Captain Marvel beat out other Marvel Cinematic Universe films like Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Thor: Ragnarok, and Doctor Strange. According to early estimates, the film is tracking to make $100 million domestically over the weekend. Another female-led superhero movie, Wonder Woman, made $103 million domestically for its opening weekend.

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8, 2019.

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