EVE Online brings back The Guardian’s Gala Valentine’s Day event

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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and the spaceship MMO game from CCP Games, EVE Online, will be having the return of a special online event called Guardian’s Gala. It will be running from February 12-25, and players will have the chance to receive exclusive rewards.

Last year’s Guardian’s Gala pirate party was attacked by capsuleers, and this year the Angel Cartel will be ready for another strike. Otuwiri and Khaitetha are out for blood, and they’ll attack pilots wishing to crash the party in order to gain some kredits.

During the Guardian’s Gala Valentine’s Day event, The New Eden Store will have plenty of exclusive rewards like a new line of Spirit SKINs for additional hulls, Agency Combat Boosters, Facial Augmentations, modules and fireworks. By eliminating Otuwiri, Khaitetha and their guests, you’ll gain points that’ll allow you to receive rewards from The Agency.

“The Guardians Gala is one of our most popular recurring activities that sees a lot of participants from our community each year,” said Paul Elsy, Senior EVE Universe Community Manager. “This time around, capsuleers can get their hands-on exclusive rewards such as SKINs, Cerebral Accelerators and Facial Augmentations upon challenging the Cartel’s finest combat pilots.”

CCP Games is planning on more updates in the future, and to help players anticipate what to expect, the company is introducing CCPlease, a roadmap overview on quality-of-life fixes, optimizations and improvements for the future of EVE Online. EVE Updates will still give players detailed insight on future EVE Online content update and project.

There’s a new quality-of-life update available now where players will get to share broadcast settings and overview filters and copy current industry jobs list. There are also improvements for locating items in your personal assets and hit point percentage display for drones.

EVE Online’s Guardian’s Gala event starts February 12th and ends on the 25th.

Source: CCP Games Blog

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