Fox’s Gambit and X-Force films are no more


Fox still has a few upcoming movies in the X-Men universe including X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants before Marvel Studios gets to have full control of the characters. But what does that mean for the Gambit film, which has been in development for a very long time with Channing Tatum attached to star? Well, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner said during the TCA winter event that the project is going nowhere unless Marvel Studios and Disney decide to make it happen.

“That is up to Disney,” Shuler Donner said. “That really is up to Disney. I hope so, but that’s up to them. The problem is you can’t have too many Marvel, X-Men superhero movies out there because we will cancel each other out. Each one has to be distinctive and yet you’ve got The Avengers to follow through. You’ve got so many distinctive story canons to follow through and yet we want new ones, but I don’t think you can have more than four. Four is a lot because people are going to get sick of them so we have to be careful. He has to be careful.”

Another X-Men spinoff film was X-Force, which was teased in Deadpool 2. However, the future of X-Force is the same as Gambit, and it’s up to Disney to see if they want to bring the projects to life.

“Same as everything,” Shuler Donner said. “This is all now in Disney’s playground and they get to decide. At least we know it’s in good hands. Everybody’s worked really hard up to now on the Fox side but now it’s going to be Disney’s call.”

It seems like Fox has been trying to bring the projects to life, but they have been in development for a very long time. Perhaps Disney has a better chance of doing them sooner with Feige behind everything.

Source: Slashfilm

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