Delusion: The Blue Blade to get a director’s cut in spring 2019

Delusion: The Blue Blade was a hit last Halloween season, and it took the world of Delusion in another direction, which is usually known for its horror elements. Last year, the interactive theater transported guests into an action-packed adventure featuring time travel. For those who didn’t get a chance to check it out, it’s getting a 2019 spring extension starting on February 14th. What makes this one different is that it’s a director’s cut with new updates.

The Director’s Cut will include new plot twists, new audience challenges, new artifacts, new actors and more. To get a feel for what old and new guests will get to experience, a new trailer has been released.

Delusion: The Blue Blade has groups of eight enter a world where they must find the rare artifact called the Blue Blade. The blade is protected by The Safeguard Society, but it was stolen from Professor Evelyn Lowell, their very own member. Now the society is looking to you and your group to help recover the blade. Evelyn is gone, and it’s said that the blade is held somewhere underground by a cult.

“We’re really excited about the extension of this sixth story in the Delusion Universe,” said Jon Braver, creator of Delusion. “This is the first time we’ve extended a show beyond the fall season. We’re confident this show in particular can transcend any one season. Plus, changes are afoot, as Prof Evelyn Lowell has manipulated time in ways she could never have imagined, which means the show will offer something new and exciting for those who have seen it before as well as brand new Delusionals.”

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Delusion: The Blue Blade Director’s Cut begins on February 14, 2019, and ends on June 30, 2019. The show’s run times are 6:40 pm – 11:40 pm. You can get tickets at

If you want to take Delusion with you, Delusion: Lies Within has been turned into a VR experience thanks to the Samsung VR. For more information, visit

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