Writer responds to outrage over Superman comic featuring deaths of Lois Lane

superman giant 7 cover

Writer Tom King and artist Andy Kubert have teamed up for the Superman #7 Walmart exclusive featuring 100 pages. And of those pages, there are 12 pages featuring Lois Lane being brutally killed. The sequence is supposed to capture Superman’s feeling of anxiety, but as you can guess, parents and readers are not happy about it. King has responded to the controversy by explaining why the story was graphic.

“Because it isn’t widely available, I’m not sure people know the story (which is beautifully told by Andy, Sandra, and Brad),” King said in a statement to CBR. “So here it is: On a mission far from home, Superman tries calling home. Lois doesn’t answer. As people do when they can’t get in touch with their loved ones, he starts imagining worst case scenarios. Why won’t she answer? Images of her demise crowd his thoughts, driving him crazy. In the end, the line connects and Superman and Lois discuss how worried they are about each other.”

“They both lead dangerous lives; however, neither of them asks the other to compromise that life,” King continued. “Lois has her career; Superman has his. Despite the worry and risk, they trust each other, they depend on each other. Regardless of the hard of it all, they both go forward and they both continue to save the world. To me this is a metaphor for the best parts of love. Love comes with stress, agony, risk, vulnerability, and we shouldn’t deny that stress, agony, risk, and vulnerability.”

“However, love also comes with the unique joy of putting your faith in someone else, of knowing that someone else puts their faith in you. This story is not about the deaths of Lois Lane or the anxieties of Superman; it is about the love of Lois Lane and the love of Superman, the enduring strength of these amazing, iconic characters,” he concluded.

People and parents have been warning others that the issue isn’t appropriate for kids. One page features Lex Luthor pointing a gun to Lois, making her beg for her life. She doesn’t comply, and he kills her for her that. The last image on the page has her facing the reader with eyes wide open and blood on her forehead.

“I’ve been buying the Walmart Superman books and sharing them with my 10 year old son each month. It’s been a fun until now. I won’t share #7 with him because a 12 page Lois Lane snuff comic isn’t something I want him to experience,” said a concerned parent.


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