CES 2019: 4K and 8K TVs with TCL, Hisense and RCA

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CES is always a time to see what’s new for the upcoming TV market for the year. There are so many brands I have and haven’t heard mentioned. The only ones I care to share today are the ones I believe will be the most trending in 2019. I’m not talking about the super expensive LG rolled OLED, or the not-so-new Sony A9G either.

I’m looking at 3 brands that are in a similar competing category; the best 4K/8K TV on a budget. First I will outline the basic details we have so far on this year’s models. After that, I will give my opinion on the 3 from my experience at CES 2019. First up we have RCA.


The RTU7877-B is a massive 78” TV with 2160P 4K Ultra HD display. It has a wider spectrum of colors and a true 16:9 aspect ratio, the unequaled color and clear brilliance of 4K provide more natural and lifelike images than ever seen before. Comes with built-in digital tuner and 4 HDMI ports (MSRP 78″ $1499.99).

rca tv 4k

The RNSMU7036 is better known as the 4K Virtuoso. It has a 70″ LED display that is sure to impress friends. Built-in WiFi allows users to stream music, movies and TV shows and access countless apps. The operating system lets users record what’s on screen, pair with Bluetooth devices, browse the web, and more. (MSRP 70″ $1129.99)

rca tv 4k 70


The U9F is a 75″ Quantum Dot TV with a bright picture quality that tops 2,200 nits, has more than 1,000 local dimming zones. It will deliver better contrast and features Dolby Vision. Hisense’s proprietary ULED technology, incorporating a Hi-View chipset and a series of AI-based picture quality algorithms, enhance the viewing experience with automatic recognition of how to improve color, contrast, motion and brightness. The U9F has a bezel-less design and attention to detail. It is set to launch June 2019. (MSRP 75″ $3,499.99)

The H9F is a 4K ULED TV with more than 1,000 nits of brightness, Quantum Dot and Wide Color Gamut. It also has dbx-tv studio sound and comes in two sizes, 55″ and 65″. The H9F will be among several Hisense TVs that use Android TV. It is set to launch May 2019. (MSRP 55″ $699.99, 65″ $999.99)

hisense h9f

The 2019 H8F doubles the brightness achieved in previous iterations and, for the first time in the series’ history, has ULED enhancements. Support for Google Assistant and Alexa improves voice interaction and positions the television as the epicenter of the smart home to control everything from compatible lights to thermostats, appliances, smart locks and more. The H8F comes in two sizes, 50″ and 65″. It is set to launch May 2019. (MSRP 50″ $399.99, 65″ $749.99)

The 2019 Roku TV R8 is the first TV to combine ULED with Roku TV. It has Dolby Vision HDR, Full Array Local Dimming, Wide Color Gamut and 700 nits brightness. Dolby ATMOS is a new addition as well. There will be two sizes, 55″ and 65″. It is set to launch later in 2019. (MSRP 55″ $599.99, 65″ $749.99)

hisense r8

The 2019 H65 and H5 are both Android TVs and both also come in two sizes. The H65 has 50″ and 75″ options,whereass the H5 has 32″ and 40″ options. The H65 is set to launch later in 2019. (MSRP 50″ $349.99, 75″ $1,199.99)

The H5 is set to launch in May. (MSRP 32″ $169.99, 40″ $249.99)

The Roku TV R7 and R6 are both 65″ Roku TVs obviously, but they are available now. (MSRP R7 for $699.99 and the R6 for $799.99)


The 6 Series has a new big brother. It now comes in 55″, 65″ and now 75″. The larger screen size will get 160 active zones for a brighter picture. The new 2019 models will also receive an updated Roku OS 9. This will allow for Spotify and enable Dolby Vision for Xbox One S and Xbox One X.  Still the great options of Dolby Vision HDR and a Wide Color Gamut of course. Available on Best Buy to purchase now. (MSRP 55″ $649.99, 65″ $999.99, 75″ $1799.99)

tcl 6 series

The 8 Series is very exciting. TCL is known for having amazing QLED displays overseas, but this is the first year they will come Stateside. The 8 Series is 75″ 8K QLED display, utilizing mini-LED and 300% more contrast zones. There is no set release date or MSRP pricing yet, but hopefully soon.

Final Reaction

TCL, Hisense, and RCA all have a great lineup coming out, but when it comes to budget vs. quality, TCL has the victory. The 6 Series was already an amazing competitor, but this 2019 refresh gives it an additional elegance. The pure quality of the display vs. what you pay is extraordinary. If only the Roku OS allowed us to play more with the picture settings. It’s my only complaint really.

The 8 series is straight up gorgeous. Depending on the price point, I think many manufacturers need fear that TCL is bringing their QLED to the US. In terms of Hisense, they have a ton of options. Catering to almost all price ranges, Hisense will have an excellent 2019. Without comparing displays side by side, it is hard to tell if they are that much better than TCL, but that U9F will be hard to beat.

RCA is common forgotten about, but their lineup is decent. Having reviewed their 65″ Roku TV last year, it was phenomenal with gaming. The only downside was the lack of brightness with HDR. There isn’t much info on what improvements have been made over last year’s model. In terms of movies, they will all look stunning, but gaming is a whole different animal. TCL has a super low input lag, but RCA has an incredible motion blur and response time. I have yet to game on a Hisense, but seeing them at CES had me drooling.

CES 2019 wasn’t a huge win for big-name TV brands like Samsung, LG or Sony, but these mid-tier TV brands are really kicking their butts when it comes to getting people to adopt 4K and 8K. I didn’t get a chance to visit Vizio but hope to hear more information from them soon.

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