Christopher McQuarrie returns to direct next Mission: Impossible films back to back

Mission Impossible Christopher McQuarrie Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise and the team have upped the ante with each new installment of the Mission: Impossible film franchise. In the last film, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the actor went through great lengths to give us the most action-packed, cinematic experience where he actually does a real HALO jump, pilot a helicopter, jump from one building to the next, and drive a motorcycle in the busy streets of Paris. In the jumping off the building sequence, he actually broke his ankle, which you can see in the final film. The recent films have been intense and exhilarating thanks to director Christopher McQuarrie, and he’ll be returning to write and direct the next two Mission: Impossible films back to back. That means Tom Cruise will have to endure even more outrageous stunts, and I know this will make the film crew uneasy.

The Mission: Impossible movies initially tapped into different directors. The first was directed by Brian De Palma (Scarface, Carrie), the second by John Woo (The Killer, Hard Boiled), third by J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and fourth by Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant). McQuarrie directed and wrote the last two, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and Mission: Impossible – Fallout. In Fallout, he mentioned that he wanted a different look for the film since the previous films were helmed by different directors. It looks like hiring different directors for future films isn’t an option, especially if Tom Cruise, who’s also the producer, likes working with McQuarrie. And now McQuarrie will be directing the next two films back to back with plans of the films being released in the summer of 2021 and 2022, according to Variety.

The films have been a success, with Fallout making over $790 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Mission: Impossible film to date. The recent films with McQuarrie behind the camera have received praises from critics and audiences, and if it isn’t broken, why fix it? Since McQuarrie wants each film to feel different if he’s directing, so we wonder what the next films will be like.

As for the story, Ethan (Tom Cruise) has moved on from his relationship with Julia (Michelle Monaghan), who he was married to in Mission: Impossible 3. Due to his dangerous lifestyle, the romance between the two could never happen. However, audiences saw sparks between Ethan and former agent Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson), so perhaps we can see how two agents will try to save the world while also falling in love at the same time. With the movies being filmed back to back, will this be one continuing story? Perhaps. We did see how the events of Rogue Nation have drifted to Fallout, especially with Solomon Lane, the villain who made appearances in both films.

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