New GAEMS Sentinel and Guardian impressions


Years ago, Gaems joined the market of portable gaming with the Vanguard. Many did not see the use of it at first, but it quickly caught on after release. This year, at CES 2019, Gaems shows its commitment to creating the most optimal gaming experiences on the go. There are 2 new models of the carrying case. The Guardian and the Sentinel.


gaems sentinel

The Sentinel is essentially an option for those with a smaller budget. It has a 17″ 1080p LCD screen and a super slim case. It’s definitely much slimmer than its predecessor, the Vanguard. These specs are not a head turner, but it is intended to make gaming more convenient while traveling. I love to travel and go to LAN parties, and the hassle is getting your equipment there. Some people are okay with using other people’s consoles when traveling, but for me, it’s just as uncomfortable as sleeping in your friend’s bed when visiting them. That might be a personal issue, but for many, all their saved data and games are on their home system.


The Guardian is the ultimate setup for away from home, sporting a 2K 27″ screen in a light and durable slim case. 3 USB charging ports and surround sound speakers are built in. On the top of the case, both the left and right side have a Picatinny rail to attach cameras, second screens, lights and other devices. I had plenty of play time on this case and can say that even though this 144Hz screen didn’t have FreeSync tech, I experienced super low input times and absolutely no screen tearing. The surround sound was quite impressive too.

gaems guardian

It is at a much higher price point, but it will be coveted by serious streamers/gamers and other video industry professionals alike. The Guardian can fit a PS4 Pro, Xbox One, or small PC inside. This would be especially cool for streamers that are constantly on the go. Everything they’ve done has been incredibly thought out. Gaems is incredibly passionate about the community and it shows. The Guardian, in particular, is incredibly versatile.

Final Reaction

I want one bad. These are incredibly useful for the majority of the gaming market, but also for other professionals like video editors. No price was mentioned, but I was the very first person outside of the company to play on them. I know many people that bring them on vacation, to work, business trips or hide away in their closet to get away from the crazy kids at family events.

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