Samsung’s CES 2019 shows MicroLED and gaming focus



75in Samsung MLED
2019 is the 50-year anniversary of Samsung Electronics. It makes it a perfect time to roll out a strong line of products at CES 2019. Not only are they focused on making consumers lives easier, but they are also looking into the future and designing products specifically for gamers. Before we hope on the gamer products, let’s talk about the new big dog in Samsung’s line-up.

75” MicroLED 4K TV

Samsung MLED HDR10+

What’s the big deal about MicroLED you ask? Well, OLED TVs use an organic compound which over time can cause “burn in”. This is especially a concern for gamers, as the HUD of video games tend to stay on the screen for long periods of time. The last thing I need is my mini-map burnt in while I’m watching a rom-com with the wife. To answer the question of why MicroLED is a big deal, it is simple. No burn in issues. Same control of colors as an OLED and perfect blacks, but no burn in.

Also, MicroLEDs can get brighter, meaning more vibrant and realistic HDR. Since this is Samsung we are talking about here, the likelihood of Dolby Vision is slim to none. When I asked about Dolby Vision support, they said, “the focus today is on HDR10+ support”. It’s definitely a step up from HDR1000, but I’m hoping they can work something out, even though it is unlikely. Additionally, it has Apple TV 2 support.

Samsung quantum processor

CRG9 49” Gaming Monitor

As for all you PC gamers, on January 3rd, Samsung has doubled down on their focus for gaming. The CRG9 is the first hi-res super ultra-wide gaming monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio. I’m personally excited about it because the majority of ultra-wide monitors are up to 75Hz refresh rate and decent response time. The CRG9 will have a 120Hz refresh rate with an amazing 4ms response time.

This will almost entirely eliminate image lag and motion blur. In terms of stutter, input lag, and screen tearing, Samsung featured AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 to clear up any concern for the doubters. It’s a serious monitor for the picky gamer.

samsung crg9

Notebook Odyssey

Unfortunately, I was unable to get hands-on time with the Odyssey, but here is what I do know. It’s an ambitious project from Samsung as they break into the tier of 2-in-1 PC gaming. The Notebook Odyssey is a gaming-focused 2-in-1 that will include an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU. Since the Notebook is a rather thin device, heat is a concern.

Samsung has added an extensive cooling system to ensure the gaming experience is not hindered by that. The screen will feature a 144H G-Sync display, VirtualLink, and Dolby Atmos. Some of these features are to provide the Optimal VR experience. I am excited to see how well it handles VR, being a 2-in-1 PC.

Samsung notebook odyssey

Final Reaction

Samsung doubled down on the MicroLED. Super long life expectancy and infinite resolutions/aspect ratios make it future proof. I’m very impressed by the MicroLED TV coming to the market. There is still no price or expected release, but hopefully soon. The CRG9 is very impressive in person and is probably the first ultra-wide gaming monitor that got an audible “WOW” from me. I hope to get some time with the Odyssey soon, but I’ve already added it to my wish list. It’s definitely a strong showing from Samsung on their 50th anniversary.

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