Countdown NYE’s stellar lineup brings the noise to ring in the New Year

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New Year’s Eve is a holiday where people around the world party in style to close out the year. People party in clubs, at home, or they probably don’t party at all. Yet Insomniac wants to ultimately be the top event every New Year’s Eve with their event, Countdown NYE. Insomniac brought a stellar lineup to the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino, CA where artists like Zedd, Tiësto, Afrojack, Dillon Francis, and Alison Wonderland all took the stage to help close out 2018.

Much like their other raves, Insomniac goes all out with the level of immersion with their various set pieces. With this year’s theme, the sci-fi aesthetic looks absolutely phenomenal from a design standpoint. In addition, each stage has its own personality that distinctly encompasses the name of the stage.

The most impressive of them all, though, is Nebula. Nebula features an impressive light show that covers the sides of the hanger walls. Although there is a certain urge to reach the front of the stage, Nebula is a bit different. If you place yourself in the back of the stage, the lights on the hanger walls move and flash as if you were going through a tunnel at night. It’s certainly an awe-inspiring experience.

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Yet not to be outdone by Nebula is the main stage, Mothership. With the majority of the heavy-hitters performing at Mothership, it’s no surprise that there would several video pillars around the Mothership tent. These pillars are able to showcase many of the artists own visuals. Thus, creating a 360-degree experience that not many raves can provide. Of course, there’s the usual laser light show at Mothership as well.

Unfortunately, the one thing that’s clearly missing from Countdown NYE is fireworks. Seemingly every public New Year’s Eve event comes with a wide array of fireworks to ring in the New Year. Sadly, because these stages are housed underneath hangers and tents, there’s no way that Countdown would be able to safely pull off fireworks and pyrotechnics at the show.

Despite that, the performing DJs brought the house down with their unbelievable sets. As a result, they brought in New Year’s Eve in style as only they can. Should Insomniac be consistent with a stellar Countdown NYE lineup every year, the event might become one of the go-to events of the holiday.

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