Check out stills of G1 Transformers in Bumblebee’s Fall of Cybertron scene

Bumblebee is now in theaters, and even though it’s being praised by critics and fans, it ended up in the third spot during its opening week behind Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns. If you’ve seen the film, then you may be wowed by the epic opening sequence involving the Autobots and the Decepticons fighting in their home planet of Cybertron.

Bumblebee’s opening sequence is a huge love letter to all the G1 Transformers fans out there. It had a lot going for it including Optimus Prime in his G1 design going up against the Decepticons. We get to see G1 designs of Decepticons like Soundwave and Shockwave, and it shows audiences that you can translate the classic designs for the live-action big screen. Michael Bay wasn’t a fan of the boxy designs and opted to do a design rehaul for many Transformers with exposing parts and making them look like creatures.

Entertainment Weekly has released images from the Bumblebee film that shows off the robots. Check them out below!

Brawn, Arcee, and Cliffjumper

Arcee is a popular female Autobot that transforms into a motorcycle. Here we see her looking lovely with the pink and white color scheme. She captures the look of her animated film counterpart with the helmet and humanoid face.

Michael Bay’s version looks like an abstract art wallpaper.

For G1, Cliffjumper is basically the red color swap version of Bumblebee, and in the Bumblebee film, he has the colors and the horns.

And then we have Brawn, who’s fighting on Arcee’s right. He had a gruesome death Transformers: The Movie, which you can see below. In Bumblebee, he looks less dorky, thanks to the smaller helmet.


Soundwave is a fan-favorite Decepticon and is a loyal servant to Megatron, the Decepticon leader. He looks menacing as ever in the Bumblebee film and has the iconic look of his G1 counterpart including his blue and white color scheme, cassette tape chest, red visors, white mask and shoulder cannon. You can even see Ravage inside his chest.

Here’s his Michael Bay version.


Bumblebee - Cybertron Battle wheeljack

Wheeljack is an Autobot engineer with a distinct G1 look. The film version captures the face with little wings and mask with larger wings on his back.

Michael Bay’s version has been renamed as Que, and he looks like a cross between a robot and the aliens from Mars Attacks!

Shockwave and Starscream

Shockwave helped led the Decepticons into battle, and his iconic G1 look remains including the yellow eye, hexagonal face and chest, and his purple color scheme. Starscream is seen here in the opening sequence, with many thinking he was also in other scenes flying to capture Bumblebee. (It’s actually the triple-changer known as Blitzwing.)

Check out the G1 Shockwave.

And here’s the Michael Bay version below.

Below is G1 Starscream.

And here’s the Michael Bay version that looks inspired by a humanoid bird.

And check out the rest of the photos below:

Director Travis Knight had a smaller budget and was suggested to reuse assets from Michael Bay’s films. He refused.

“There was some discussion among the producers to try to figure out how we could do this economically and try to save some money,” Knight tells ET. “They suggested reusing assets from the previous [Michael Bay] films and I said that there is no way we can do that. That it would not have been aesthetically even remotely appropriate for this film to see some of the G1 characters alongside some of that other aesthetic. It wouldn’t work, they would look like two different movies. That meant that I had to limit the amount of characters I could build.”

Check out Bumblebee now in theaters!

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