CES 2019: Segway-Ninebot announces automated delivery robots and scooters

Segway-Ninebot will be announcing a couple new products and reinforcing previously released products at this year’s CES 2019. We’ve known Segway as the originator of the auto-balancing personal transport devices, but they are innovating all new products expanding into personal travel, commercial delivery, and rideshare scooters.

Loomo Delivery

The commercial applications for the Loomo Delivery system are endless. Loomo Delivery is a fully autonomous vehicle designed for short distance delivery directly into specific offices, rooms, or doorsteps. These are equipped with real-time monitoring and is able to go up and down elevators.

Model Max Shared Scooters

There is no better example of a use case for these shared scooters than Comic-Con. Cars will not get you through the bumper to bumper traffic. Only shared scooters were able to quickly and conveniently get me from one side of the convention center to the other. These Model Max scooters are designed for use by the already leading services, Bird and Lime.

Other Segway-Ninebot products we are looking forward to testing are the Segway Drift W1 e-Skates and the Ninebot GoKart Kit. These 2 products alone already raised 2 million dollars in Indiegogo campaigns, so we know that the audience desire is there. We look forward to checking out all these products at CES 2019.

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