Puma to re-release smart shoe from 1986

Back in 1986, Puma had this idea that the world was heading into a more technologically integrated society. In hindsight, what would be considered crazy can now be viewed as forward-thinking. Utilizing that thought process, Puma released the first-ever smart shoe called the RS Computer running shoe…in 1986. We live in a time now where there’s smart-everything, but back then that was unheard of.

There was a custom-designed inbuilt computer chip that actually tracked distance, time, and even calories. To retrieve this statistical data, you would need a 16-pin cord and either an Apple IIE or a Commodore 64. Even though the new 2018 model is very similar in design, it boasts all the newest tech features around. We’re talking a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks steps, calories, and distance, USB rechargeable battery, and even Bluetooth 4.0 that can be connected to any Android or iOS mobile device.

Unfortunately, there were only 86 pairs available when they released on December 13th. To make it even more hard to get, they only released at a few exclusive stores in London, Berlin, and Tokyo, as well as its online retail store. Maybe if we’re lucky, Puma will do a redesign of the shoe and release it to a wider consumer audience. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, you can check out the original RS in action below.

Source: Puma

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