Aquaman in 4DX is like a roller coaster ride

Aquaman Poster Thumb Mera

Aquaman is now in theaters, and there are many options on how you can watch the film. For example, you can watch it in 2D, 3D, or Dolby Cinema. There is another way, and that is in 4DX. It will amplify your experience with special effects and motion seats, and you will truly be immersed in the film whether you’re experiencing lightning, storms, snow, swimming, fighting and flying in the film.

Aquaman is a spectacle that stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, and Amber Heard as Mera. The two will travel far and wide in search of a lost weapon, and it’s a grand adventure indeed. The duo will travel to the Sahara desert, a small coastal town, and an Italian piazza. Since Arthur and Mera can swim and breathe underwater, audiences can explore worlds like Atlantis and the Trench. Each of these worlds has its own personality, and 4DX utilizes them to great effect.

The movie’s opening sequence is like a fairy tale featuring Aquaman’s parents meeting for the first time. 4DX complements the fairytale atmosphere that includes snow in the film and fake snow pumping inside the auditorium. When characters are fighting each other in close quarters combat, each hit can be heard by having compressed air blow near your ears to imitate the sound of impact.

Some scenes will have volcanic eruptions, and if you’re in a fully featured 4DX theater, you can feel the heat. A coastal road is hit by a tsunami-like wave, and we experienced water coming down on us. Don’t worry about actually getting wet since it’s more like mist and not at all like going on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain ride. There are storms, and the theater will give you water and lightning effects.

With Aquaman swimming incredibly fast and fighting all sorts of creatures and people, the motion seats kick into high gear. The seats will shake when walls are broken and when Manta shoots his optic beams. Another cool effect has the seats swaying back and forth to emulate the feeling of being suspended underwater.

Aquaman in 4DX isn’t a subtle experience, and the seats really move during action-packed sequences. It did make a few scenes hard to follow because you do feel like you’re inside an amusement park ride. There was a moment that required a special effects machine to start, causing a loud noise that made me miss a dialogue. I’m not sure what that machine did, but afterward, I didn’t notice the noise.

Overall, 4DX has found a good candidate with Aquaman. The film is filled with action and underwater adventures, and you’ll be immersed with the 4DX experience throughout.

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