PDP’s Nintendo Switch Wired Fight Pad Pro (Review)

The time is ticking and if you haven’t gotten your Nintendo Switch fan a present yet, consider this new product from PDP. The company has been selling quality gaming components for the many console generations. With a proven track record, it’s obvious why Nintendo would trust PDP its precious Mario license for the Wired Fight Pad Pro line.

It’s no mistake that the release of this new product coincides with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the uninitiated, there is no purer feeling of playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate than with the Nintendo GameCube Controller. PDP’s GameCube inspired controller’s replication is uncanny, and you will do a double take when attaching this remote to your new Nintendo Switch. This controller is truly slick and feels great in your hands, weight distribution and all. This controller is designed for use with Nintendo Switch and compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


PDP’s Wired Fight Pad Pro uses a real D-pad. You are not alone. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are fit for baby hands. Do yourself a favor and get an adult-sized controller with a real multidirectional D-pad. I’m also a fan of the analog stick divots. You can’t imagine the countless times that I try to run Mario straight ahead, but he always drifts slowly left or right.


Aside from the analog 8-direction divots, the C-Stick also features interchangeable nubs. The classic GameCube controller came with a mini C-Stick, but an adult-sized C-Stick is included and easy to swap.

Other Things to Note

The button count is exact on the PDP Wired Fight Stick Pro. There are no added or subtracted buttons. There are a couple others things to note, however. This product does not include vibration motors. Those motors don’t do too much in Smash Bros. gameplay-wise, so nothing is missed there. Also, something to note is that there are no gyroscope controls. This is made more apparent when playing games like Mario Odyssey, but fear not that none of it is game-breaking.

If it’s not already obvious in the name of the product, this is a wired remote that plugs into the Nintendo Switch dock, and not directly into an undocked Nintendo Switch. The cord is generous at 10 feet long, so that’s enough for most viewing situations.

There are 3 variants of the PDP Fight Stick Pro available to suit your taste. Nerd Reactor reviewed the Mario variant, but there are also identical Link and Pikachu variations available. Click on the link below to find out more information on how to purchase this remote and do so quickly since Christmas is approaching fast.


MSRP is $24.99

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