ViewR lets you share your VR gameplay on mobile devices

One aspect that makes playing VR games fun is being able to let your friends or family see what you’re playing. Sadly, when it comes to low latency platforms such as mobile devices, sharing your gameplay can be a difficult task. Today #Include launched a brand new solution that can make sharing your VR gameplay with bystanders easy with their new “ViewR.”

ViewR will allow players to create a window into your VR world so that your friends can watch you play. They’ll be able to observe and see what is happening in your little VR world, which opens it up to other people and not just the player wearing the headset.

ViewR will allow the viewer to get a spectator’s perspective when they use their smartphone or other mobile devices. It won’t be a headset view similar to the one the player is getting but instead will be a separate one, such as a camera or portal that the spectator can hold up to watch. By allowing this type of spectating, the non-player will be able to grasp the size, scale, and position of things inside the VR world.

#Include wanted to create a VR solution that created a position tracked streaming spectator service. For that, they built ViewR as a Unity SDK with a simple but yet powerful API that will let developers easily include, for free, in their VR games. In addition, gamers will be able to run an installer to add ViewR easily to any of their existing VR games. At this time #Include has modded games such as Superhot VR, Beatsaber, and Budget Cuts with ViewR. All 3 of them are highly popular games in the VR market.

The way ViewR works is it utilizes two different parts that communicate to each other. There will be the “mobile” viewer and a PC host that runs inside the VR game. The host PC will then stream a view of the virtual world based on what position the mobile device is in, and the mobile app will display it. With the tracker, ViewR can easily operate on lower end devices since the game is streaming from the host. ViewR is a single application that can interface with numerous programs, making it a truly one-stop app for seeing into a VR world.

ViewR’s API also allows for touch and sensor input for the mobile device, which enables interactivity between the player and spectator. ViewR is available today for everyone and can be downloaded for free at

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