Listen to Insomniac’s Countdown 2018 playlist

In just a few weeks, everyone around the world will be saying goodbye to 2018 and saying hello to 2019. On the last day of the year, EDM fans will be gathering at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino to ring in the new year with some heavy bass hitting drops at Insomniacs Countdown 2018 festival.

This year’s Countdown will have four stages with each one lining up some of the best EDM artists to fill fans ears with rhythmic goodness. Some of the biggest names in EDM will be blessing Countdown with their presence which includes Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, Dillion Francis, Tiesto, and ZEDD.

To get your blood boiling and your heart pounding in preparation for the upcoming festival, Insomniac has put together a playlist featuring songs from the artists that will be performing during the festival. You can listen to the playlist here: Countdown 2018

The playlist has over 30 songs for you to enjoy. Starting off the finely curated list of songs is “Let it Rip,” a track that comes from Afrojack and Swedish DJ duo Brohug with lyrics coming from hip-hop artist Titus. The track immediately jumps off punching you straight in the ears with Titus’ lyrics and a pulsating bass beat, which then continues to ride into a more comfortable stride which of course will lead you into a hard-hitting drop.

A few tracks that I enjoyed and would recommend numerous listens too would be Alison Wonderland and SLUMBERJACKs “Sometimes Love.” Listening to Alison Wonderland’s vocals provide you with a momentary moment of serenity before its contrast by bass-heavy notes and screeching synths. “Rebel Bass” by Zomboy along with “Going Nowhere” by Modstep and Dion Trimmer are the tracks that can get you pumped up for anything. They’re both loud, aggressive, and offer some pretty satisfying drops.

The Countdown 2018 playlist is a nice and eclectic mix that will take your musical vibes on a roller coaster ride. There are tracks that will feel like your eardrums are being shattered, and there are tracks that will rock you with a steady pulsating sensation. Regardless if you’ll be attending Countdown 2018 or not, the Countdown playlist has you covered with some great tracks. EDM is a vast musical genre with different styles that appeal to everyone who’s a fan of the genre, and whether or not you prefer your EDM with bone breaking and devastating drops or a more chill vibe, the Countdown 2018 playlist will definitely make you dance.

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