Google’s Call Screening rolling out to original Pixel and Pixel XL

Possibly one of the best features that the Pixel has to offer is the innovative Call Screen. The feature allows your Google Assistant to screen calls from unknown numbers, ask who’s calling and what is the purpose of their call. The conversation between Google Assistant and the unknown caller will also show up on your screen via a live transcription.

The feature became available just a few months ago on the Pixel 2 series and now word is coming out that it will be rolling out to Pixel’s first generation.
Some Pixel owners are already reporting that the feature has become available in their phone app settings. Users on the r/GooglePixel subreddits were the first to report that Call Screen had become enabled. So far, there is no word if the feature will be rolled out to the earlier Pixel models from 2016, but some believe that that the feature is tied to the latest Phone app update. Some reddit users have noticed when you update the app, there is the changelog listed is “Introducing Call Screen for Pixel.”

There currently is no timetable for when Call Screen will be fully rolled out. There is a chance that you already have it. Here’s a quick tip to check and see if you do; open your phone app, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and tap Setting. If you see Call Screen listed in your settings, then you have it!

If you don’t have it yet, just be patient. Google has already confirmed that they will hopefully have it rolled out to almost all US user by the end of this year. Unfortunately, Pixel users outside of the US will have to wait a little longer for the feature, but Google did confirm that they are planning on expanding Call Screen to more countries and languages in the near future.

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