29Rooms is back in LA and will empower and transport guests into different worlds

he Photo: Brittany Lawrence

29Rooms, the immersive pop-up exhibit, is back for its second year in Los Angeles, and this year it will be located at The Reef LA for just 5 days from December 5th to 9th. And as you can guess, there will be 29 immersive spaces, and LA guests will get to experience 13 new experiences. Refinery29, the beauty and lifestyle website for young women, has collaborated with different artists to transport you into colorful and interactive worlds that touch on art, activism, style, and technology.

New collaborations for the “Expand Your Reality” immersive tour include Kesha, Lena Waithe, GLAAD & The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles. They join previous collaborators like Nicole Richie, ACLU, Carlota Guerrero, and Rupi Kaur. In addition, 29Rooms has teamed up with Amazon Prime Video’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Pantene, Plan B One-Step, and SMIRNOFF.

Nerd Reactor had the chance to check out the rooms during the preview event, and we had a lot of fun taking photos inside the beautiful spaces. The interactive areas will definitely take you out of your comfort zone as you read palms from strangers in the Blind Date with Destiny room and answer and ask questions in the 29 Questions room.


Teenage Bedroom

Photo: John Nguyen

Teenage Bedroom is a collaboration with Uzumaki Cepeda and takes you back into the past. It’s a fuzzy and vibrant bedroom that will make you feel like you can escape into your past filled with fun activities like playing Mario Kart.

Inner Beauty Ball

29Rooms House of Yes Inner Beauty Ball

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

The Inner Beauty Ball is definitely one of our favorite rooms. The collaboration with House of Yes will make guests feel like dancing, and it’s a lively room with a DJ, dancers, confetti and a disco ball.

Check out yours truly saying yes to dancing below:

You Are Magic

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

The You Are Magic room is a collaboration with The Hoodwitch, and entering this crystal cave will be very inspirational and uplifting. There are two intimate rooms for this experience, and it’s definitely our favorite spot for photos.

Love Letter to the World

29Rooms Love Letter to the World by Cocovan

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

Love Letter to the World is a collaboration with music artist Cocovan. Love is a powerful thing, and Cocovan has traveled around the world to have people write down a love letter to the world. People from 115 countries have participated, and guests will be able to join by doing a drawing, poem, or quote. The project is neverending, and Cocovan hopes to visit all the countries.

The Plan B Hotline

The Plan B Hotline is a partnership with Plan B One-Step, and you will be able to look through the hotline yellow pages in the phone booths and make a phone call. You’ll hear stories from real people about their experiences with their backup option.

Claim the Stage

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

Claim the Stage is a partnership with Amazon Prime Video’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show about breaking away from the typical role and chasing your dream. In the room, guests can have their name pop up and become marvelous on the stage.

Blind Date with Destiny

29 Rooms Blind Date with Destiny

Photo: John Nguyen

In the Blind Date with Destiny room, you’ll meet a stranger behind a wall. Their hand will pop out, and this is where you can draw on their hand and read their palm. Learn about the other person as you reveal information about who they are.

29 Questions

Photo: John Nguyen

In the 29 Questions room, guests will sit on a table and open up to a stranger. Questions will range from coming up with a new secret handshake to revealing who their heroes are.

Start Matter

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

Star Matter is a collaboration with Nicole Richie. Take photos under the giant moon with music and voices in the background. The setting is a California night sky in the 1970s.

Deep Sea Galaxy: Welcome to My Mind

Deep Sea Galaxy: Welcome to My Mind

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

Deep Sea Galaxy: Welcome to My Mind is a collaboration with Kesha where the galaxy and the ocean meet. Underwater life is transformed into space with jellyfish acting like planets and bubbles acting as constellations.

Know! Your! Rights!

Know! Your! Rights! 29Rooms

Photo: Brittany Lawrence

Know! Your! Rights! is a collaboration with ACLU and is all about promoting rights for people. Guests will be able to spin a wheel to learn something new about civil rights and test your strength with the carnival high striker to see what role you already have in the pursuit of liberty.

Party with the Fun%

Party with the Fun% 29Rooms Smirnoff

Photo: John Nguyen

Party with the Fun% is a partnership with Smirnoff where guests can watch drag queens dancing while drinking the night away at the bar.

Sonic Shadow

Sonic Shadow 20rooms

Sonic Shadow is a collaboration with Aye Hasegawa where interpretive dance and shadows come to life. In the other room is the Sonic Sanctuary, and that is the background music for the performance.

A Conversation with Your Inner Child

29Rooms has collaborated with Carlota Guerrero for A Conversation with Your Inner Child. As we grow older, our innocence starts to fade away. The installation will have you looking at your inner child, and you can write those thoughts down via post-it notes and put them on the wall.

These are more rooms to experience at 29Rooms, and you can check out the session dates and location below:

Wednesday, December 5, 3-6 pm, 7-11 pm
Thursday, December 6 – Sunday, December 9, 11 am-2 pm, 3-6 pm, 7-11 pm

LOCATION: The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles @ 1933 S. Broadway

You can get tickets to 29Rooms at http://www.29rooms.com/

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