Bumblebee featurette gives us a good look at G1 Optimus Prime

Bumblebee Optimus Prime G1 Design

Michael Bay has taken a lot of liberties when it comes to the designs of the Transformers. It resulted in the Decepticons looking more like insects and creatures and the Autobots looking less like humanoid robots. However, things are going to change with Travis Knight’s version of the Transformers. In a new Bumblebee featurette, the filmmakers and cast talk about how they’re excited about the Transformers going back to their 1980s roots including the G1 designs.

Check out the featurette as we see Knight and John Cena talk about their childhood involving Transformers.

In the video, we get a good look at the Generation 1 design for Optimus Prime, and he’s looking more like a tank of a leader. He still has his classic color scheme with his red torso and arms being red, thighs being grey and lower legs being blue. His robot form is recognizable and simplified, and he’s looking less like a bunch of parts being randomly put together. (See an example of Optimus Prime in the first Transformers movie below.)

What do you think of the G1 designs for the Transformers in Bumblebee? Let us know via our socials!

Bumblebee hits theaters on December 21, 2018. It’s going to be competing with other heavy hitters like Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns. Will Bumblebee be able to take the #1 spot for his first solo outing? We’ll find out soon.

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