EVE Online’s new expansion, Onslaught, is available now for free

Eve Online Onslaught

EVE Online is a deep, virtual universe where players dictate the story, and the spaceship MMO game continues to receive new content. This week, CCP Games has released a new free expansion called Onslaught where players can check out co-op Abyssal Deadspace, new Upwell navigation structures and Activity Tracker. In addition, there are new weapons and technologies like blueprints for two new ships.

Abyssal Deadspace’s PvE gameplay offers big rewards for taking chances, and now a player can join two other friends cooperatively to help them fight enemy NPCs, gather materials and gain rewards. To help fight the enemies, players will be able to choose from three different frigates, and the mode’s difficulty has been ramped up to challenge three players wandering inside the Abyss. To sweeten the pot, those who make it to the end will get to enter a gate where they can fight against another player in a PvP arena. Two enter, only one leaves – Mad Max style! The winner survives and gets to loot the other player’s booty.

Two new Triglavian ships are available via blueprints located in the Abyss. The Kikimora is a Triglavian Destroyer good for range while the Drekavac, a Triglavian Battlecruiser, is great for up-close battles. And that’s not all. Next month players will get a chance to get two more ships: the Rodiva Support Cruiser and the Zarmazd, a Triglavian Logistics Cruiser that can remove armor remotely from other ships.

The new Upwell navigation structures replace the Jump Bridges and allow players to create faster-than-light travel networks, making things easier by allowing them to jump between two points, as long as they aren’t more than five light-years away. The Activity Tracker helps players observe their progress, development and achievements.

You can play EVE Online for free at www.eveonline.com/download.

Check out the Feature Tour video below.

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