You can now pre-order Google’s new Pixel Slate

Google has now officially made the new Pixel Slate available for pre-order through both Google and Best Buy with a release date of November 22, 2018. With 4 different models available to choose from through Google, you can select which is the right fit for you. Unfortunately for Best Buy shoppers, the introductory celeron model which will start at $599 is not available through them, but the better Intel powered M3, i5, and i7 processor powered versions are.

Planning to compete with both the Ipad Pro’s and Microsoft Surfacebooks, the Pixel is an Android-operated tablet that brings the functionality of a computer and combines it with the mobility of a tablet. This makes it competitive to both, and as most people have some sort of Google product in their homes, the Google Pixel Slate is a nice addition to further engulf yourself in the Google lifestyle. With each model only being around 7mm thick and 1.6lbs, you can get around easier without the weight of a full-size PC weighing you down that will integrate easily into your lifestyle.

There is also a keyboard available for $199 along with a Pixelbook Pen for $99 through both Google and Best Buy. You can see the differences between the 3 better models below.

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