Aquaman splashes into ComplexCon with an immersive activation

Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” was released in 2013 and helped launch the DC Extended Universe for Warner Bros. Since then the movie studio has released a slate of movies which includes Batman v Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, and soon enough Aquaman. The movies have been a big hit for DC fans, but not so much with critics. Nevertheless, DC and WB have no plans of slowing down their movies, albeit with some changes to their cinematic universe.

Aquaman is set to release on December 21st. Directed by horror maestro James Wan and starring Jason Momoa in the pivotal role, we’ll see the aquatic ace fight to take his rightful role as the king of Atlantis. With the recent news that Wan has finally completed post-production, there’s no denying that Warner Bros will be heavily promoting the film.

During this past weekend at ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA, Warner Bros installed a one of a kind activation to promote the upcoming film. The activation invited guests to enter a portal that would transport them to the underwater world of Aquaman.

When you enter, you’ll be engulfed in a 360-degree dome filled with screens. The first thing you’ll notice is the center display that’s beaming the Aquaman logo. You’ll be surrounded by roaring sounds of water as it falls down all around you. Suddenly the dome goes dark which then leads to the screens above you displaying marine life as they swim through the ocean. After a few minutes, the screens switch again to display glowing fluorescent jellyfish. The activation ends with the Aquaman logo displayed once again, and as you leave, visitors will have the chance to interact with the center display, where pushing into the screen will reveal hidden images of the upcoming movie.

The activation was roughly five minutes long, but in that time it did a magnificent job of making you feel as if you were Aquaman, standing on the ocean floor admiring his vast kingdom. It was amazing to see how such a small space can truly feel big with just a few well-placed projectors, screens, and speakers to give you an immersive experience of what’s it’s like to live underwater.

Aquaman will swim into theaters on December 21st.

*Special thanks to Warner Bros for sending us to ComplexCon 2018

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