Step up your tabletop gaming with Elderwood Academy’s dice tower and roll tray

Elderwood Academy features items for your tabletop gaming needs, and we got to check out the dice towers and roll tray. The Codex Dice Towers have the shape of a scroll case, and there is a removable top where you can drop the dice. Additionally, it comes with an attachment to help the dice roll. The Scroll Rolling Tray can be rolled up and placed inside the dice tower, or it can be stored in the included velvet bag.


When the dice are not rolling in your favor, it is time to use something to help you get more spin on those rolls in hopes to get that Nat 20 and deliver that crit to your enemies. Elderwood’s Dice Tower will help you do just that and look good while doing it. And the rolling tray can help your dice land in a beautiful leather landing spot. When taking these out, I did get a lot of questions and dirty looks of envy. Okay, I didn’t but everyone was loving the tower and tray. The craftsmanship on these are amazing, the wood design looks awesome, and they are very detailed and well built. Just take a look at the pictures below and you will agree that the work put into these are topnotch.

When putting the dice tower and roll tray to use, I got mixed results, but that could be due to my dice choices. Other than a couple of bad rolls, everything else went well. The dice tower did its job and helped me get a more randomized roll thanks to the attachment. It really does help the dice roll including helping it roll more. And to make it easier to carry, Elderwood Academy has constructed a harness to carry the dice tower and book. You can check it out here. The roll tray worked like a charm and handled the dice well.

Final Reaction

Elderwood Academy has constructed an astonishing dice tower and roll tray. It is something any tabletop role-playing gamer would love to have. And if you know someone who’s into tabletop gaming, it is a great gift to give.

Score: 5/5 Atoms

Elderwood Academy also has an upcoming deck box called Centurion Deck box. It just finished its Kickstarter campaign, so check out Elderwood Academy’s site for more info.

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