Actress Alexandra Harris discusses her latest film, All Light Will End

Alexandra Harris

With titles such as Hellraiser: Judgement, Murder in the First and I’m Dying Up Here on her resume, actress Alexandra Harris was more than equipped to take on the role of Faith in her latest film, Chris Blake’s horror/thriller All Light Will End. The film, out November 2, tells the story of a capricious young author hiding a dark secret as she returns home for her brother’s graduation, finding herself haunted by the past and tormented by grimly night terrors. We talked to her about All Light Will End, Hellraiser and more in the below interview.

When you were approached for All Light Will End and to take on the character of Faith, what was it about her that you really wanted to dig into?

Faith was interesting. On the page she read a bit promiscuous and ditzy. In practice she was more of a fun-loving free spirit. It was the first time I’ve had a role shifted so much from page to person. I thought that was pretty interesting to figure out what made her tick.

How did you first hear about All Light Will End and what intrigued you about the script?

Director Chris Blake reached out about the role of Faith. I loved that the script was female driven. I think that’s unusual in the horror genre. I love that the horror scene seems to be shifting out of the ‘sexy scream queen’ motif.

What did you do to prepare for your role in All Light Will End?

Mostly reading through the script & creating a backstory. It was important to me to create a believable bond with the character of Savanna in particular. Their friendship creates so much tension at the film’s climax. I wanted that to feel real.

Did you know any of the other actors before you began production on this film?

Not a single one! It was great – I love meeting new people.

What was the most memorable part of making All Light Will End for you?

The climax scene that takes place in the woods was shot very early on in filming. Maybe even our first day if I’m remembering correctly. It was nerve racking! Going from ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ to a screaming crying mess on day one. However, it probably lent credibility to the overall performance. It may have been a simple scheduling requirement, but I like to think Chris Blake knew it would aid the performance – he’s that kind of director.

You were recently in Hellraiser: Judgement. That title has obviously been around for a long time. Did you feel any extra pressure going into this project because there already was a built-in fan base?

It was definitely something everyone on that set felt… Hellraiser is a classic and the horror fan base is extremely loyal. Hellraiser Judgment was the first of the franchise without Clive Barker which ruffled feathers for sure. I just did my thing and tried to lend as much credibility as possible to the character of Christine. It was a great experience.

You have starred in shorts, web series, TV shows and films. Which do you find the most challenging?

There’re aspects of each that feel advantageous. If I had to choose which is most challenging, I’d probably go with features. You’re creating a believable life/ person in a short time span. There is not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to character development and a level of consistency is important. The same could be said of shorts. However, they’re often framed as a ‘vignette’ of life set over a shorter time span.

Which Marvel film would you most like to be in?

Guardians of the Galaxy, but that may change! I’m looking forward to watching Brie Larson take on Captain Marvel – she’s fantastic!

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