VRV announces partnership with HIDIVE

A few weeks back, Funimation announced that it would be ending its partnership with VRV, a two-year partnership that will result in some programming changes across both platforms. VRV, a streaming platform with a robust selection of channels, promises to be “everything to someone,” and so they are announcing a new upcoming partnership with HIDIVE.

HIDIVE, an anime streaming service that offers more than 500 titles which include hit favorites “Made in Abyss”, “Bloom Into You”, and “Highschool of the Dead”, has been providing its subscribers with content that spans over the last six decades. HIDIVE’s catalog offers the latest in simulcasts which are directly imported from Japan as well as some classics from the golden era of anime.

HIDIVE’s partnership with VRV will roll out within the next few weeks. This partnership will bring VRV subscribers a diverse library of dubbed animes series that include, “Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma” and “Elfen Lied” along with some classic dubs. HIDIVE’s content discovery engine will ensure that there is something new and fresh for subscribers to watch. The HIDIVE service now also features DUBCAST editions, which are early access to local-language dubs of simulcasts that will be directly produced by HIDIVE.

HIDIVE launched in 2017 since then they have expanded from its browser-based platform to begin including mobile devices and set-top boxes. HIDIVE offers new simulcasts every season, an increasingly growing collection of dubs and exclusives. VRV is a growing streaming service who prides itself to be a platform that is “everything to someone.” Along with their new partnership with HIDIVE, VRV will be rolling out with some future announcements that show how dedicated to they are to their community. This includes some surprises from WarnerMedia.

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