Warface’s battle royale mode is now available for free

Warface Battle Royale

Warface is the free-to-play multiplayer shooter that was released for the PC and Xbox 360 back in 2013. It recently made its debut for the PS4 and Xbox One, and new updates are coming out for players for free. Warface users on the PlayStation 4 gets new free updates this week including the Black Shark update with new maps and raid. With battle royale being popular right now, the most exciting update for us is its battle royale mode. The Xbox One update will be live on October 30th.

The new Battle Royale mode is set in the Mojave Desert, and players will have to survive to be the last person standing. Each player starts off with a melee weapon, and they will need to hurry and find other weapons in order to get the upper hand. There will be hundreds of different weapons and equipment pieces. The player count is smaller compared to other battle royale games, with Warface getting a total of 32 players. With other battle royale games, you’ll be landing on the map via parachute, but here you’ll automatically be placed randomly near the inner circle of the map. Once the game starts, you will most likely see a nearby enemy, so you really need to find a weapon fast, or try to knife the player before they get to you.

A new cooperative raid mode is available called Black Shark, and players will fight off unique Blackwood enemies. Your squad of up to 5 players will have to take down the developing Blackwood skyscraper with explosives. Tasks in the raid include going through different sections of the building, hacking the network and gaining intel to blow up the building for good.

Since it’s the Halloween season, there will be some spooky treats along with new maps for Team Death Match, Plant the Bomb and Storm game mode.

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