Escape Era’s Deja Vu (escape room review)

A full days of San Diego Escape rooms concluded with Escape Era’s Deja Vu. This escape room would be the one of the best rooms to acquaint yourself with how escape rooms should work. Veteran escape roomers would also find enjoyable moments in here with the variety of puzzles. There is a mix of everything from the types of puzzles, to surprises that most escape roomers have come to expect. This is no horror, nor any scares in this escape room, so scaredy cats unite.


It’s probably the simplest of themes that we’ve encountered in any escape room. There was not too much pre-story or preparation. The theme is as follows:

It feels like you’ve been here before, but you can’t remember. Can you solve the mysterious case of Deja Vu?

We found that the theme was sometimes thrown out the door while going through the escape room. No real big complaints from me as long as the puzzles are engaging and intuitive, which they were. One of the rooms had a background music playing which made me just want to sit and listen. You’ll hear it too when you are in here, and it goes all too well with one of the puzzles.


There was maybe one puzzle where we had to brute force through because the measurements just did not add up, but through a process of elimination we were still able to make it through. This escape room was found to be a mix of scavenger hunt type puzzles with on-paper puzzles. Nothing too difficult to comprehend, granted that you’ve done all the gathering work. There will be a point where you will think there just has to be more to it, and you will be right.


There was one element of this escape room which I deemed an impressive use of tech. You’ll probably have to find yourself near the end of your journey in order to experience it, but with your unlimited hints and your wits, I don’t have any doubt that you’ll make it through as well.

One of the things that we liked about this room is that it had all the necessary elements that a good escape room should have. There are surprise pathways, great use of tech, and innovative puzzles. Escape Era does not combine groups so you can come with 2 or 10 of your friends. Pay these guys a visit and book your escape experience today.

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