Play like the pros with Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 gaming headset (PS4 Review)

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In a race to create the perfect gaming headsets, manufacturers are constantly trying to outmaneuver each other to produce a headset that gives gamers a perfect sounding, fully immersive gaming experience. Turtle Beach has been at the forefront of creating quality gaming headsets for all levels. Recently Turtle Beach launched the Elite Pro 2, a headset that’s catered to professional esports athletes. But can this top-tier headset find itself atop the totem of gaming cans?

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is available for Xbox and PS4/PC (For this review I used the PS4 edition), and what makes this headset special is that it comes with what Turtle Beach calls a “Super Amp.” The super amp takes the audio the headsets produce and brings it to a whole new level. It’s what gives the Elite Pro 2 the options to enhance and customize on how you want to hear your video games.


The Elite Pro 2 is a well-built and durable headset. The headband is made from a thin piece of metal which gives it some strength, rigidity, and flexibility. Under the frame of the headband, you’ll get a suspended cushion that provides you with a little more comfort. The ear cups are made from high-impact plastic and can be swiveled out so you can lay the headset flat when not in use. Padding on the ear cups is soft memory foam which has a layer of cooling gel to keep your ears cool and fresh while you play. The ear pads also feature Turtle Beach’s exclusive ProSpecs comfort design, which will eliminate any pressure on your eyeglasses if you wear some while you’re playing. The microphone is detachable and has a lot of flexibility to it.

The ear pads have a thickness of about one inch, which provides plenty of comfort and support. The ear pad themselves are connected to the headset with magnets, which make them removable. So if you ever find yourself with a worn out or damaged ear pad, they’re easy to replace. The plates on the outside of the ear cups are also removable which will give you the freedom to customize them with a different color or maybe inscribe your Gamertag.

The Super Amp is small in size, about the size of a hockey puck. The amp itself has a little bit of weight to it, making it slightly difficult to accidentally pick up and swing when it’s attached to your PS4. Underneath the amp, you’ll find four rubber grips that will help you keep the amp in place and stop it from sliding. The dial on the top controls your volume and has a nice click to it, which lets you feel when you’re turning up your volume. The dial is accented with LED lights inside. Blue will tell you that you’re super amp is connected and ready for use, while the red color lets you know that you’re on mute.


The Elite Pro 2 has 50mm drivers that help it produce that Turtle Beach signature sound. Quality of sound is clear and even. Highs and mids sound crisp and the lows have a good punch to them. Using the headset without the super amp, the sound is pretty flat, but still has a nice loudness to it. You’ll hear most of the sounds that your game produces, but it’s nothing that’s going to be significant or stellar, but just enough to give you a very pleasing auditory experience.

When you connect the Super Amp to the headset, the sound is extremely heightened. The Super Amp provides a DTS Headphone: X 7.1 surround sound and DTS surround sound modes, and you can definitely hear the difference. The Super Amp can be connected to your PS4 or computer with the included USB cable or optical cable. The Super Amp is easy to use as it’s mainly controlled via Bluetooth using the Turtle Beach App. Using the Turtle Beach app, you’ll get to change your preferred sound settings using some of the pre-built sound profile that includes Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, Vocal Boost, and Signature Sound.

When using one of the pre-built audio modes, you get to really hear what the new Pro Elite 2 headset can really do. The lows had a deeper punch to them and the mids and highs sounded very sharp and balanced. While having a sound profile on, I was able to really hear the sounds that were being produced in the game. During FPS games it gave me a real sense of where my enemies were as the sound came out extremely immersive and during sports games, you can really feel the thunderous sounds of the audience and fans as they cheer you on.

The microphone on the Elite Pro performed very well. While the in-game chats my voice came in very clear and precise and didn’t have any echoing or delays. One thing I did realize with the headset was when I had the DTS on, other players in my voice chat would come in with some echoing in their voice, which to me wasn’t a big problem, but I can see it being an annoyance for other players.

Final Reaction

With Turtle Beach’s long history in the gaming industry, there’s no doubt that they can create superb gaming headsets for any level of player and at any price point. The Elite Pro 2 headset clearly shows that Turtle Beach is ahead of the competition when it comes to creating headsets for the professional level. With its superior sound, comfort, and customizability, the Elite Pro 2 can make you truly stand out against your competition. The Super Amp opens you up to a wide range of audio preferences that you can set to fit your gaming style, though it can be at times cumbersome having to use the app to switch between those audio profiles. The Elite Pro 2 is loud, clear, and sturdy enough to keep you gaming for hours.

Rating 5/5


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