Escapism’s Gallery 3919 and The Attic escape rooms review

If you still haven’t done an escape room, what are you waiting for? Many are immersive experiences that really transport you into another world, and hundreds are open all around Southern California. There are genres of all types including horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Horror fans who want to experience actual fear should opt for MurderCo and Zoe, and those wanting to serve King Arthur can check out Knights of the Round Table. With more popping up each year, they have been getting more advanced in terms of technology and elaborate puzzles. Of course, that doesn’t mean we still can’t show some love for the escape room pioneers, and Escapism in San Diego invited us out to check out their two rooms: Gallery 3919 and The Attic. The rooms were created before the boom, and what they lack in immersion, they make up for in unique puzzles.

The Attic

The story is pretty simple. You are asked to watch over a neighbor’s house while he’s on vacation. You’re tempted to check out his attic, and the deeper you go, the more you find out his dark secrets.

The initial puzzles consist of numbers and locks, and you’ll have to decipher the clues all around the walls in order to proceed. Other clues will have you looking for hidden numbers that correlate with the solution, and there’s an inventive use of an accordion and cassette tape player. (Remember those?)

Don’t worry, if you get stuck, you will be given clues to help you escape. We did have a tough time on one of the puzzles. And here’s a tip, you don’t have to be exactly on point for this one.

Gallery 3919

If you could only check out one room from Escapism, I would recommend Gallery 3919. You are standing inside an art gallery, however, this isn’t a normal art gallery. It turns out that you are being tested on by a secret organization to see if you’re worthy. Your mission is to retrieve an artifact, but the problem is that you have no idea what it looks like. You’ll have 60 minutes to find it and escape before the alarm goes off.

The puzzles in the room are all over the place, and when we say that, we really do mean it. Clues are laid out everywhere including on walls. You have to be very observant because they can be anywhere. The puzzles are nonlinear, so that means you can split the group and have them figure out clues by themselves. But don’t forget to communicate, because teamwork is very important. My favorite portion of the puzzle involves a really cool hidden mechanism. Once you see it you’ll be surprised.

Overall our group had a fun time, and with Gallery 3919, it showed us that a room full of locks can still be enjoyable as long as the puzzles are inventive.

Escapism is located at 3919 Fourth Avenue Suite A San Diego, Ca 92103. To book a room, visit

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