OMEN Mindframe Review: Tremendous Audio

mindframe review

OMEN by HP is well known for its high-performance gaming PCs and laptops. Back at CES, OMEN showcased a 65″ gaming display and streaming service that was jaw-dropping. So what else have they been working on? Well, we caught a glimpse back in August at the new Mindframe advanced gaming headset, but haven’t seen much about it since then. After a long-awaited release, the Mindframe from OMEN is officially released. So let’s take a closer look at this new addition to the OMEN by HP family.

Specs and Features

  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Customizable RGB lighting and effects
  • Self-adjusting, suspension headband
  • Volume control on earcup
  • Unidirectional, flip-to-mute mic
  • Compatible with OMEN Command Center
  • FrostCap Technology
  • USB Type-A Connection
  • 6.56ft cable length
  • Weighs 1.05lbs

mindframe side

The Mindframe keeps it simple with its features. The RGB lighting runs around the logo on the earcup. The OMEN Command Center is a Windows Store app that customizes the features of the Mindframe. The customizable effects will only adjust for a PC with Windows 10 64-bit, version 1709 or higher. This means if you are on another system or lower version of Windows 10, the lighting effects and FrostCap will still work, but under a default. The default is a red lighting with FrostCap on high.

This was the case on PlayStation 4 as well. Since Xbox One does not support USB headphones, the Mindframe is not compatible. The FrostCap technology is intended to keep your ears/head from sweating since these are closed back headphones. The inner earcup is fitted with a metal that is cooled by the headset, essentially creating a cooling system.  The FrostCap tech can get the metal SUPER cold but may prove uncomfortable for some. My ears are fairly large, so they touch the metal when wearing the headphones. When the FrostCap tech was on high, and since my ears touched the metal, it became too cold for me to wear. Thankfully I can turn that down to medium or low.

The OMEN Command center makes it easy to control both lighting and FrostCap tech but is the same program used for game streaming. The lighting options give 18 basic colors to choose from, but there is an advanced mode if the color desired is not listed. There are 2 animations available, color shift and audio. Color shift is as it seems, it cycles through all the 18 basic colors. The Audio animation will stay white until any kind of audio is played. It then acts as a visual equalizer by shifting colors according to what is being played.

omen command center

There is a volume wheel on the back of the right earcup. While it only works for Windows 10, it is textured and provides a perfect amount of tension. The wheel is tense enough to provide a great user feedback to find the right volume setting desired. Many have claimed that there is noise canceling, but that only applies to the mic, not the headphones.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is incredible. The highs and mids are pronounced and clean. They provide a clear and punchy audio even when the volume is at maximum. The lows provide a satisfying bass tone. 7.1 surround sound is essential for games like Rainbow Six: Siege and PUBG. The virtual surround sound was expertly done on the Mindframe. Not only can I feel the intended atmosphere, the developers created through audio, but the binaural effects helped me locate enemies easily.

Some have said the audio sounds distant, but that is the surround sound at work. Instead of producing a sound right up on your ear (which will cause headaches), it sounds like you are in the environment. This is different than sounding distant. The flip-to-mute mic is clear and silences background activities effectively. While using the PlayStation 4, the flip-to-mute option was intermittently available. I’d have to reconnect the headset for the feature to work. When flipping the mic to mute or unmute it, there is a tone to audibly notify the player. While muted, the tip of the mic will glow red, but this lighting is not customizable.

Mindframe mic

Build Quality

The Mindframe is mostly plastic but is a high-grade plastic. It has a texture to it that reminds me of magnesium alloy. The earcups do not swivel inward, and the headband is very stiff. The headband’s tension is a bit too tight. The earcup cushions are very soft and use a breathable fabric. This helps prevent headset headaches, but will not eliminate them. The overall look of the Mindframe is elegant. Definitely eliminates the childish look many gaming headsets create.

While the FrostCap tech is a convenient feature of the device, the outer ring of the earcup does heat up to an average of about 90 degrees. It won’t burn you, but it’s kind of an odd place to displace the heat from the FrostCap. While the headphones do not include active noise canceling, there is some passive noise canceling due to the fact that they are closed back headphones and thickness of the earcups.

The headband is very durable. It twists and turns without any creaks. On the cord, you’ll find a braided fabric with a Velcro strap to keep the cord tamed when packing it away. Since the Mindframe weighs 1.05lbs, it does have that premium weight feel. Majority of the weight is in the headphones themselves, and not the headband.

mindframe volume

Final Reaction

The Mindframe from OMEN by HP is an advanced gaming headset, absolutely. The quality of audio is what stands out most. Be ready to have a proper audio experience while gaming. The FrostCap tech is a smart idea that I feel could have been implemented better. It’s not the most comfortable headset, but it definitely has above average audio quality for its price range. Overall, the Mindframe is a product that I would recommend considering your PC gaming setup. It retails at $199 and is listed on the OMEN by HP website right now.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

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